Get Well Soon

[Edited on 17.11.07 - Add on pictures]

I've sent my phone for servicing today but unfortunately they have to keep my phone. I thought it wouldn't take long as it is just reformatting and fixing the keypad's lights. But I have to follow the system, I have to wait for my turn and have my phone fixed.

I've just bought this phone few months ago - a NOKIA N70 - and now it's in the workshop for servicing. =.="

It feels really weird to not having this little electronic gadget in your possession these days. You can't communicate with others!! Yea, we got internet but not everybody are willing to sit in front of the computer the whole day just to get connected and communicate with others. It's like your daily need.

Trying to use my old AXIA PDA phone which doesn't function properly and the battery only can last for few hours and I only can charge the phone through USB port. =.="

I miss my phone and hope I can still have back the pictures!!!

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