Reflecting back on 2009

I personally would like to wish you all a Happy New Year 2010. May happiness, health, prosperity and the best keeps on coming throughout the new year. Cheers and God Bless You.

Our life is like a stream of water that flows constantly. Life keeps on moving forward but don't forget to reflect back both your sweet and bitter moments, memories, and accomplishments. As we reflect back on what we have accomplished, we can learn from them and these allows us to grow.

Here are some of the best moments and memories happened in my life in year 2009.

University Life


After studying Engineering for 7 years I have decided to put it to an end. It was the best decision I ever did. I don't want to waste my time studying something that I never like. Honestly, it was so depressing. Even my aptitude test result shows that my "career personality" is never close of being an Engineer.

So I switched to business studies. Now my university life is much more interesting and everything is going great.


Acted as a prince in my management class group presentation. And we called ourselves the SwinEagles.
Acted in Swinburne for the first time.


Job well done. Having steamboat dinner with the SwinEagles.


Went for my first prom.



My first time to:
Joined a cycling convoy. Took part in a cycling event for charity. Go mountain biking at Mount Mike, Kuching.


My first involvement in Irau Aco Lun Bawang activities. Representing the Lun Bawang Kuching football team and we got 2nd place.


Represent Swinburne in the UniMed Futsal Tournament. We got 3rd place.
My first time to represent Swinburne in any sporting competition.


Represent the Business School in Swinburne Sports Carnival. We are the champion.
My first time to play in the Swinburne Sports Carnival.


Became a club president for the first time - Swinburne Sarawak Football Club.
Organized an event for the first time - Swinburne Futsal Tournament.
Organized the first competitive event for the football club itself.
My team, the Wild Devils, got trashed in the group stage. Although the losing was a bit painful to accept but I was glad that the tournament went on successfully.


Joined the Red Bull 7 competition and unfortunately we got eliminated in the group stage.
My first time to join a futsal open tournament.

Other Accomplishments and Great Moments


Went to Stadium Negeri and watch the Sarawak FC trashing ATM FC. Happens also to be my first taste of local professional football.


Bought my first laptop. Mobility is my priority. I have decided to switch from desktop to laptop and bought this gaming machine - the Acer Aspire 6935G


Participated the Earth Hour Campaign and voted Earth by switching off the lights.


Adopted Mickey and Minnie. Decided to breed them and they are blessed with 10 litters.


Adopted Pogo and Daisy. I made the cage by myself.


Performing in the bamboo band for the first time. To be honest, majority of the Lun Bawang and also the Kelabit youngsters nowadays never played any of the traditional musical instruments or involve in traditional activities.

A very sad truth indeed that I was once felled into that category but now I could reclaim my pride back.


Went for a beach party with my course mates.

You might have noted this. Most of the thing I share here with you was something that I did for the first time. The experiences that I have gained through these are priceless. Everyone has their own dreams and things that they want to accomplish but we are too busy. Or maybe you think that the challenge is too hard for you to bear.

If you just cling yourself in the comfort zone, you won't accomplish anything. Opportunity always knocks on the door, but it is your job to identify it.

On top of this, I'm very grateful to God for He has blessed me throughout the year. It has been a great year for me. Also I would like to thank my family and friends whom had supported me through the ups and downs of my life.

Something for you to think of...

No matter what you have done for yourself... If you don't even have the time to reflect back what you have done, you might forget and lost it. So what have you really accomplished?

Be proud of your accomplishment even though it is small.

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