Earth Hour 2009

Photo courtesy of inhabitat

Did you vote for Earth by switching off your lights last 28th March?

Yes, I did. Although by switching off the light for a complete 60 minutes won't make any difference to what has happened now, but by switching off your lights means that you're concern about the global climate change which in the same time reduced your electric consumption for an hour.

While driving along the road, I was so impressed that even the glamorous Four Points Hotel joined the Earth Hour and stood still in darkness.

Photo courtesy of A.A.R.O.N.

I can see that this global sustainability movement is well accepted in Kuching and we have the first ever Earth Hour Eco Friendly Mini Concert which is held at Green Heights Mall. We're entertained by few well-known local bands - Mayze, Passive Fire, Venus & Mars and Evenstarr.

Passive Fire - Turn and Walk Away

For more videos of Passive Fire's performance during Earth Hour 2009, check out Aaron's blog - Overdue.

Despite all of this global awareness movements, one thing has really concerned me is the state government's electro-shocking plan to build 12 new hydro-electric dams. The Bakun hydro-electric dam itself might generates more than double the amount of the electricity the state currently uses. Even without the Bakun dam, the state has already had more 20% capacity than it needs.

Photo courtesy of Malaysia Kini.

How much electricity do our state government need to waste? Extra 12 dam means an increase of more than 600% excess of electric capacity with extra bonuses of destruction of the environment and heritage sites, and displacement of thousand local indigenous people. Wonder-full?

Check this out:
A week before the Earth Hour took place, Al Jazeera aired 101 East: The Fight for Power. This is a very interesting and important issue amongst us Sarawakian.

Vote for EARTH?


cHeRyL MeLiA said...

Great post :)

Marcella Raymond said...

we let 1 light on that time. <- di rumah

but, we went to bdc steamboat bbq to grab dinner (chewah)
yup i saw fourpoints off their lights, GOOD..
kedai steamboat? buka lampu lah wei..haha

its not a new thing to switch off light to 'orang2 rumah panjang' tho. hehehe. <- sidak ya nang sikda karan! hahahaha

Elisha said...

@cHeRyL MeLiA
Thanks and welcome to Eli Shares. Since you're using a google account, you might want to:
1. Follow me with Google Friend Connect or
2. you can subscribe to the feedburner's or
3. follow me on Twitter for my updates.

@Marcella Raymond
The steamboat shop just missed the opportunity to mix the global awareness event with a fairly romantic ambience. Which I think will boost up the mood, love is in the air~

Yes, of course those who resides in that deep forest won't need any electrical power in their daily business.

The problem is that those "futuristic plans" will destroy the virgin forest, the place where they live, their shelter and place to find foods and drinks.

Arth Akal said...

i turned my lights out during EH and noticed how bright the street n neighbors houses were. lol

Elisha said...

@Arth Akal
Yea, same goes here. The only light off in house was my parent's room because my mum needs the light to do her works. Hehe...

MY Special Education said...

How much money was saved from earth hour 2009?

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