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Hello to all my fellow friends and readers. For your information, I'm now working on to build a bigger base of readership for Eli Shares because of the scary amount of Followers (I just got 5!!!) in my Google Friend Connect application and also my feedBurner subscribers.

How to subscribe or follow Eli Shares?
So now all you have to do now is to subscribe or to follow or even better do both for my updates:

1. Follow me on Google Friend Connect
For those who owns a Google account are encouraged to Follow me. In the same time it's a good place for you to advertise your blog, the bonus is you may get readership from my blog readers as well. As you followed me, my blog will appear in you dashboard where you can have my latest updates from me.

2. Follow me on Twitter
Another way to get more updates from me is to follow me on Twitter. Twitter operates like your Facebook's "What is in your mind?" and your messenger's "Status message". I just joined Twitter recently and you might wanna read my post Eli Shares Tweets.

Here's a guide for you if you're thinking of setting up a Twitter account
The Beginner's Guide to Twitter

Join me at Twitter today @Eli Shares for my tweets.

3. Subscribe to my blog
Have you heard of RSS reader or Google reader? If no, no problem, I'll share a bit of information about 'What the Heck is a Reader?'.

What the Heck is a Reader?
A reader is a software which pings your favourite blogs (the one you've subscribed) telling you that it has been updated. Not much fuss about it, it's free and easy and I have been using Google reader for quite awhile already. Every time you post up, I'll be informed of your new updates so I don't have to waste my precious time surfing around.

To subscribe Eli Shares in a reader just click that link as shown above or to save you time you can click:
Subscribe Eli Shares

That's it. You're done.

There are no hidden cost behind and it will save your time. Thank you for following and subscribing Eli Shares. Cheers~

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