Infected by a Contagious Disease

Just as usual, checking through my e-mail. I've seen a lot of my friends telling that they have been infected by this disease and they're so happy to spread and share it to their beloved friends. So watch out everyone.

It's a global phenomenon which has attracted the majority of students and media attention. This particular disease was first discovered in USA, early '04 at Harvard and it started to spread among the students. It was reported that the disease was the resulting from the presence of these SNS agents, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and his roomates. In the middle of '05 it starts to spread outside Harvard especially the High School students. Then in the late '06 it spreads throughout the world rapidly and I was infected in the late '07 by the disease called...

These Internet social networks are just like a contagious disease which spreads around the world, no mater where you are as long as you can connect to the internet.

I've been invited to join Facebook by my friends last time but I refused. Thinking that since I have a lot of other profiles and seldom update them why should I bother to join Facebook?
I'm more active in Friendster rather in other networks. But recently, I started to feel annoyed. Having problems in sending messages, post comments, replying groups posts and etc. Friendster's servers and databases were ill-equipped to handle its rapid growth, and the site faltered regularly. Some more, I can access Friendster in the uni. So I've been thinking to follow the flow with others by joining Facebook.

So feel free to check out my page:

- Friendster
- Vampirefreaks
- Multiply
- MySpace
+ Facebook

I'm started to get more active and serious with my blog now. Registered my blog to sitemeter and feedburner.

Click to subscribe my blog.

What I Did Last Raya

Last year, my Raya visiting was a classy one. My dad was the president of the Lun Bawang Association and he's invited to join a ngabang group with the YBs. Guess what, I'm a VIP GUEST!! And of course I have to be well-dressed and look tidy. We went to the TYT's, Chief Minister's, Abang Joe's and other political personals' open house celebration.

At TYT's.

At Abang Joe's.

This is what I like living in Malaysia, festive seasons means "FOODS!! EAT EAT EAT !!". Living a multiracial and multicultural country, guess how many festive seasons do we have here? We got Chinese New Year, Christmas, Deepavali, Gawai (Sarawak) or Kaamatan (Sabah) and Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Korban. Being busy throughout the year, this is the time where we can spend time and meet our relatives and friends or even meen new people.
Broke or lazy to cook? This is the time! Call or text your friends and inform them that you're going to visit them. No worries with the phone credit of bill, our Telcos are very kind hearted especially during the festive seasons where the calling and SMS rates are minimized to "Festive Season Price".

Unfortunately, my dad and I doesn't have any contact in Kuching. He just transferred here and I don't have any contact number of my friends (which celebrates Hari Raya of course) - I forgot to write down the contacts before i reformat my phone. So my dad called his relative and they have planned to visit one of their Lun Bawang relative which has converted to Muslim (Note: Most of the Lun Bawang are related to each other). We go in a group of 4 families to visit him.

I'm quite surprised that they only planned just to visit one house. Which is so the very alang-alang one. I've eaten so little because i thought that we're gonna visit a lot of houses. =.="

Feeling unsatisfied, I suggest to my dad that we should look for another ngabang group to join. So he called another relative which works together in the same office with him and they planned to visit their colleagues.

The second house, an engineer working in the other department but shares the same building with my dad's department. This time I eat a lot. Hehehe....

The stomach stuffed full with foods and the day was extremely hot .It makes us feel drowsy and we decided to continue visiting later on in the evening. So we went back home for a rest, was too sleepy even when I was driving. But in the end, I stayed awake playing game until the evening.

This time we bring along my aunt and her mom for visiting. We're going to the office clerk's house. I didn't know the she stays in a kampung - you know how bad the road condition in most kampungs; Bumps, holes, uneven roads etc. Luckily I've decided to drive my uncle's car or else we gonna have a hard time along the journey because I've lowered down the ride height of my car.

Nasi pulut and ketupat. Available mostly on every festive season.

Ayam masak merah and rendang. My favourite Malay delicacy. Available on every festive season.

I didn't realized that I've parked at a No Parking zone until the time we're about to leave.

Having dessert outside the house. They are enjoying eating these unknown fruits and I don't wanna try it.

Then I join my girlfriend's ngabang group, gonna visit her friend's house and I bring Mutang and Libat along with me since they didn't do anything that night, they might be bored staying at home and wanna go out visiting.

No more foods this time because we're quite late that night. But anyway, when visiting any houses during festive seasons, you sure won't miss these - CAKES and TIDBITS. I don't really like cakes so I only have tidbits.

Cheers!! Mutang was not in the picture because he's so busy with the phone.


Mutang, still busy with the phone. =.="

Dunno what has happened, they look unhappy.

Next destination... To Shehu's house. My first ever experience to be served alcohol during Raya, COOL!!! We chilled outside of the house and I so was entertained by the wicked guitar performance of his friends.

I became a bit playful after few drinks and took photo with Aaron, Cheryl and Julian...

The total houses that I've visited this Raya are somewhat few. Which are only 5 houses for the first day and only 1 house on the second day. Back in my hometown, just in my neighbourhood we got 8-9 houses to visit and those are just consider a start for the day. May end up visiting around 20 houses per day and imagine the amount of foods and drinks that I have took!! But then, still... I might just gain a few kilos which are only temporary.

Can't wait for Christmas... FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!

You Got Merk'd!

I've missed the match between Arsenal vs Manchester United last Saturday. It was a MUST SEE match for Manchester United fan like me - being a fan of Manchester United since I was still a kid. But then I have something more important to attend that evening, I went for a business preview event at Hilton. Something that I cannot miss because there are no replays and highlights available just like football where you can watch it on the TV or internet.

Being a fan and missed the big match against our fierce rival, I try to look for replays and highlights through the internet since I don't have an ASTRO. So I try to find it in youtube and metacafe because it's free.

Full match replays and highlights are available at Manchester United's Official Website, proudly broadcasting its own TV channel MUTV. But I don't have the money to pay for the subscription fee which cost:
₤ 4.00 per month (RM 27.8133)
₤ 40.00 per year (RM 278.254)
*converted using my favourite currency converter site

The match was highlighted at the front page of metacafe. So I try to look some other videos of Manchester United in youtube and I found something quite unusual and interesting. Looking at the title of the video "Punk'd... Merk'd... Wayne Rooney... ". Straight away thinking of the famous MTV hidden camera practical joke TV series - Punk'd - hosted by Ashton Kutcher which features pranks on celebrities.

And this time on FOOTBALLERS?!!!

Merk'd - a British version of Punk'd hosted by an English and Manchester United footballer RIO FERDINAND. Ferdinand intended to play pranks with the help of insiders on his fellow English lads shortly before the World Cup of 2006. The show also known as World Cup Wind-Ups.

Just like Punk'd, the prank would end up with the catchphrase
You Got Merk'd!!!

- Merk'd English Footballers -

(Listed in the order of from Striker to the Goal Keeper)

- Striker -
Wayne Rooney: found responsible for the death of an ill dog own by a fan.
(Insider: Girlfriend)

Peter Crouch: thinks that he's about to witness a violent brawl between an Indian businessman and Russian gangsters.
(Insider: Robbie Fowler)

- Midfielder -
Shaun Wright-Phillips: gets an Italian restaurant worker fired.
(Insider: John Terry)

David Beckham: late for a meeting caused by the driver.
(Insider: None)

- Defender -
Gary Neville: get his car checked and charged with traffic tickets.
(Insider: Ryan Giggs)

Ashley Cole: accused of erasing a track that was ready to be released.
(Insider: None)

- Goalkeeper -
David James: accused of breaking an artwork made by a French artist.
(Insider: None)

Trying Out IXUS 70

Here are some pictures I've took using some of the internal features of the camera. These was taken outside the MAS office downtown. Sitting outside on the staircase while waiting for my parents, I've took some shots and trying out some of the features available!!

Note: These pictures are posted without any further editing.

View from the staircase where I sat. Normal shot.

Zooming the flag of MAS, Malaysia and Sarawak.
It was displayed quite clear in the LCD but it turns out a bit darker.

Trying out with the zoom, taking the picture of this parking attendant auntie at the other side of the road. But unfortunately, the picture was a bit blurry.

While taking those pictures, I've found one interesting subject to capture...

- an elderly Chinese man

Actually he has already appeared in the first picture above. He was standing behind the bike.

Another picture taken without any effects. The elderly man can be spot just behind the red Kancil.

Trying out this pretty weird feature, it's like using the black and white feature and plus with another feature which only detect anything greenish and yellowish.

Another shot using the same feature as above. I find the picture is pretty cool, the grass is so green.

The elderly man took out his phone, a NOKIA 2650.

Most of the elderly people nowadays are quite technology wise and he's obviously typing a message. A skill which both of my grandpa and grandma doesn't have they don't really need it anyway since they're staying in rural area which has no network coverage.

Actually he's also just like me, being so bored waiting for someone in the office. Since I can only capture limited shots due to the capacity of the memory card which is only 32Mb and using the highest resolution (3,072 x 2,304 pixels) for better quality, I can't take pictures anymore so I decided to enter the building and sit on a sofa which is far more comfortable than sitting on a hard surface outside. Having a slim type body sitting on hard surface is NOT comfortable - thin layer of cushion to support my heavy bones from contacting with the hard surface.

What I Like about IXUS 70
It is remarkably fast to start up. You're ready to start shooting right away just after you've pressed the power switch on. Square shaped, can place it on most surfaces. Slim and light, easy to carry around and nicely fitted into the pocket.

What I Don't Like about IXUS 70
The menu systems are slightly over complicated. Having two different menus layout that will get your head around. Blurry images especially when you zoom. The photo quality is quite lousy.

Me in the toilet @ Satok's Singapore Chicken Rice.

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