Trying Out IXUS 70

Here are some pictures I've took using some of the internal features of the camera. These was taken outside the MAS office downtown. Sitting outside on the staircase while waiting for my parents, I've took some shots and trying out some of the features available!!

Note: These pictures are posted without any further editing.

View from the staircase where I sat. Normal shot.

Zooming the flag of MAS, Malaysia and Sarawak.
It was displayed quite clear in the LCD but it turns out a bit darker.

Trying out with the zoom, taking the picture of this parking attendant auntie at the other side of the road. But unfortunately, the picture was a bit blurry.

While taking those pictures, I've found one interesting subject to capture...

- an elderly Chinese man

Actually he has already appeared in the first picture above. He was standing behind the bike.

Another picture taken without any effects. The elderly man can be spot just behind the red Kancil.

Trying out this pretty weird feature, it's like using the black and white feature and plus with another feature which only detect anything greenish and yellowish.

Another shot using the same feature as above. I find the picture is pretty cool, the grass is so green.

The elderly man took out his phone, a NOKIA 2650.

Most of the elderly people nowadays are quite technology wise and he's obviously typing a message. A skill which both of my grandpa and grandma doesn't have they don't really need it anyway since they're staying in rural area which has no network coverage.

Actually he's also just like me, being so bored waiting for someone in the office. Since I can only capture limited shots due to the capacity of the memory card which is only 32Mb and using the highest resolution (3,072 x 2,304 pixels) for better quality, I can't take pictures anymore so I decided to enter the building and sit on a sofa which is far more comfortable than sitting on a hard surface outside. Having a slim type body sitting on hard surface is NOT comfortable - thin layer of cushion to support my heavy bones from contacting with the hard surface.

What I Like about IXUS 70
It is remarkably fast to start up. You're ready to start shooting right away just after you've pressed the power switch on. Square shaped, can place it on most surfaces. Slim and light, easy to carry around and nicely fitted into the pocket.

What I Don't Like about IXUS 70
The menu systems are slightly over complicated. Having two different menus layout that will get your head around. Blurry images especially when you zoom. The photo quality is quite lousy.

Me in the toilet @ Satok's Singapore Chicken Rice.


MisS FaBuLoUs said...

hey.that's my cam too! haha my dad got it for me when i started my new semester. only mine is black. haha. yeah, definately, menu is quite complicated, but once you get a hang out if, pictures turn out gorgeous. try using the Micro shots function and you can take gorgeous pictures up close.

Elisha said...

Wow!! That's cool... We're using the same digi cam! Hmmm, but I want yours cause it's black. Hehe.
Agree with you with the Micro shots function. I like to take close up shots... especially on insects.

ThunderFoxy said...

im a loyal user towards ixus. ixuss are great. dats all i can say. -_-

Elisha said...

Anyway, this is my first time using Canon's digital camera. Previously using Kodak and Olympus. I prefer my old Kodak although it's quite a bulky one. I just like the color technology built-in and it really improves the quality of the photo. But sadly, both of the camera are not functioning anymore.

aaronparan said...

hmm. canon's make really good cams.. but when they rosak.. habislah. they rosak really good also. huh.

anyway i think it's called macro shots la. where you take close-up pics and the camera focuses on the siad object and the background appears abit blurred. fabulous, that future.

that said, i miss my canon camera. *ahem* my late canon camera.

Elisha said...

Yea... it's called macro shots.

Sad thing is, I can't use the camera if my dad is not around cause he bring it along when he go travel.=.="

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