Surprise!! Your Dream Has Come True

While I was having my lunch at Jollybee, my dad suddenly took out something from his pocket. Busy enjoying the food, I didn't realize that my dad was holding a digital camera and he's trying to take a candid shot of me eating. I only realize it when I saw the red light flashing on.

Huh?!! Hang on... What the... a camera?!!! Take another one please....

Yea, this look better. ^^

Actually it's a camera owned by my father's department and every officers has one. What a kind-hearted department, giving away a digital camera to all officers in the department and each camera cost more than RM 1000!!

So, my dad got his share too. It's a CANON DIGITAL IXUS 70 the slimmest Canon's compact camera. Offering quite impressive features - 7.1 megapixel sensor, 3x zoom lens equivalent to 35-105mm, 2.5 inch LCD screen, Canon's DIGIC III image processor technology and supplies 32Mb of external memory card which only can only store around 9 images (with the best resolution of course).

Being so excited of "having" a digital camera, I grab the camera from my dad just after I've done with my lunch and took some random shots ~ SNAPS!! SNAPS!!

Attention ~ Most pictures took are close up shots...

I love green tea...

The remains of the yummy Lemon Chicken.

My Chairos Coin watch.

-At Home-

We celebrate Christmas everyday!!

Remote control of the parabola

Now I don't have to rely only on my NOKIA N70 to take pictures which only offers 2.0 megapixel sensor and 4.8mm 1:3:2 lens. It may helps sometimes 'cause I'm not gonna carry the camera all the time.

All this while I kept convincing my dad to buy a digital camera as usual he refuse to get one and I always dream that I will have one and God reply my dream by me one. Thank You Very Much!!! Feel grateful although it's not mine but anyway I can always use it anytime but terms and conditions may apply


ThunderFoxy said...

oh my, yer christmas tree look so sad yo. hehehe. where are all de ornamenst?! and de shining star on top?

anyway, im still stuck with ixus 5.0 and its not bad at all. but having ixus 7.0 is so much cooler tho.

Anonymous said...

hye.all the pics u took were taken using ixus 70 izzit?

Elisha said...

Hehe.. Yea, the top of the tree is a little bit bended. But I think you still can see the star on top of the tree. Aren't those balls consider ornaments?

Yes ... And most of the pictures were taken using the close up mode.

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