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Week 1 and day 2 of this semester, I still haven't got myself enrolled because I've failed 50% of my subjects last semester. Pretty annoying because I have to repeat the same subject again. Now I have to consult the student counselor and the program coordinator to discuss about my problem. Hope I can enroll and start as soon as possible.

For your information, currently I'm taking Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering). I've been studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) since I was in form 4 at SM Teknik Miri and then continue on with my diploma. Although I've been studying this field like for 7 years already, but I never dream of becoming an engineer.

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I'm more interested into business field. Actually it's my parent's idea that want me to become an engineer. I've been discussing about this mater with my parents a lot of time but yet they still want me to continue on with the EEE. I've also discussed it with my friends. I'm really upset but I cannot do anything about it. I have cousins and uncles working as an engineer and they got a really high pay which is more than RM 20 thousand per month. Maybe that's the reason why my parent's want me to work as an engineer, but sorry I'm not interested.

This semester, actually I've planned to change my degree program and switch to business. Discuss and explain it to my parents but yet they still not agree. Until we went to visit my dad's friend's house for Chinese New Year. This uncle keep talking about education, about his sons and others. So I join the conversation and explain about my situation to him. He agree with my idea to switch course but he advice me just to complete it.

Diploma graduation ceremony, 2006.

And we came up with a conclusion, since my parents really want me to finish it so I just take it as a present for them. Although I'm quite a stubborn son I would really love to see my parents happy.

I'm planning to finish this course as soon as possible and I don't wanna waste anymore time spending my life with studying engineering so that I can pursue my dream - to be the greatest businessman.

Why We Should Learn English

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English, a language which is spoken through out the world. In fact that 80% of English used in the world is used between non-native speaker.

So why learn English?
Most information stored in the world's computer is in English, more than half the world's scientific journals are in English and it is the main language of the internet. With English, you can make friend with anyone in the world - who can communicate in English - despite of it's nationality and race.

I've stumbled upon some funny video clips in youtube about "Learning English". They're SOOOO funny and I laugh until I burst into tears.

I would like to share some of the videos to you guys and hope these videos will brighten up your day with some good and healthy laughter.

Guys, check these out... (Warning: Explicit contents)

Banned Commercial - Learn English

Why You Should Learn English

Japanese Learn English

French Learning English (Steve Martin)

Do You Speak English? Sprechen du Deutsch

More videos?

Japanese Girl Learning English
Speak English - Iraq
US Soldiers Teach Iraq Kids English

This is the reason why you MUST have a good foundation of English. I bet you don't wanna end up like them...

Streamyx Account Re-Activated

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At last, I can get myself connected into the internet at home again. All these while I went to the university just to online (day/night) - still having our holiday anyway. -Never went to the cyber cafe to online.

I have been waiting for the Streamyx technician to re-activate the account for couples of MONTHS and I got fed up of waiting for them so I decided to go to TM Point myself to check out the problem. Surprisingly they just didn't do anything about it. So I apply for re-activation and DAMN IT the process is actually so simple.

1. Fix line number.
2. Streamyx account username.
(Re-activation progress)
3. Account is activated.

(Done within 10 minutes)

I'm like.... erm... that's all?

I don't understand why they didn't just do it until you have to personally approach them and "ask" them to "do" their job. Some more you still have to pay the monthly fee although you didn't use the service and that's so unfair.

Enough with my complaining...

So now, friendster, youTube, Gamespot and torrent download is now available!!! Can't access into these site in the university because it was banned.

Now I can continue posting and argue in the friendster's group forum (Lun Bawang or Lun Dayeh 2008) , watching video clips, review and check out on games, download videos, chat with my friends and BLOG!!! ^^

So guys, I'm back again...

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