You Got Merk'd!

I've missed the match between Arsenal vs Manchester United last Saturday. It was a MUST SEE match for Manchester United fan like me - being a fan of Manchester United since I was still a kid. But then I have something more important to attend that evening, I went for a business preview event at Hilton. Something that I cannot miss because there are no replays and highlights available just like football where you can watch it on the TV or internet.

Being a fan and missed the big match against our fierce rival, I try to look for replays and highlights through the internet since I don't have an ASTRO. So I try to find it in youtube and metacafe because it's free.

Full match replays and highlights are available at Manchester United's Official Website, proudly broadcasting its own TV channel MUTV. But I don't have the money to pay for the subscription fee which cost:
₤ 4.00 per month (RM 27.8133)
₤ 40.00 per year (RM 278.254)
*converted using my favourite currency converter site

The match was highlighted at the front page of metacafe. So I try to look some other videos of Manchester United in youtube and I found something quite unusual and interesting. Looking at the title of the video "Punk'd... Merk'd... Wayne Rooney... ". Straight away thinking of the famous MTV hidden camera practical joke TV series - Punk'd - hosted by Ashton Kutcher which features pranks on celebrities.

And this time on FOOTBALLERS?!!!

Merk'd - a British version of Punk'd hosted by an English and Manchester United footballer RIO FERDINAND. Ferdinand intended to play pranks with the help of insiders on his fellow English lads shortly before the World Cup of 2006. The show also known as World Cup Wind-Ups.

Just like Punk'd, the prank would end up with the catchphrase
You Got Merk'd!!!

- Merk'd English Footballers -

(Listed in the order of from Striker to the Goal Keeper)

- Striker -
Wayne Rooney: found responsible for the death of an ill dog own by a fan.
(Insider: Girlfriend)

Peter Crouch: thinks that he's about to witness a violent brawl between an Indian businessman and Russian gangsters.
(Insider: Robbie Fowler)

- Midfielder -
Shaun Wright-Phillips: gets an Italian restaurant worker fired.
(Insider: John Terry)

David Beckham: late for a meeting caused by the driver.
(Insider: None)

- Defender -
Gary Neville: get his car checked and charged with traffic tickets.
(Insider: Ryan Giggs)

Ashley Cole: accused of erasing a track that was ready to be released.
(Insider: None)

- Goalkeeper -
David James: accused of breaking an artwork made by a French artist.
(Insider: None)

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