Infected by a Contagious Disease

Just as usual, checking through my e-mail. I've seen a lot of my friends telling that they have been infected by this disease and they're so happy to spread and share it to their beloved friends. So watch out everyone.

It's a global phenomenon which has attracted the majority of students and media attention. This particular disease was first discovered in USA, early '04 at Harvard and it started to spread among the students. It was reported that the disease was the resulting from the presence of these SNS agents, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and his roomates. In the middle of '05 it starts to spread outside Harvard especially the High School students. Then in the late '06 it spreads throughout the world rapidly and I was infected in the late '07 by the disease called...

These Internet social networks are just like a contagious disease which spreads around the world, no mater where you are as long as you can connect to the internet.

I've been invited to join Facebook by my friends last time but I refused. Thinking that since I have a lot of other profiles and seldom update them why should I bother to join Facebook?
I'm more active in Friendster rather in other networks. But recently, I started to feel annoyed. Having problems in sending messages, post comments, replying groups posts and etc. Friendster's servers and databases were ill-equipped to handle its rapid growth, and the site faltered regularly. Some more, I can access Friendster in the uni. So I've been thinking to follow the flow with others by joining Facebook.

So feel free to check out my page:

- Friendster
- Vampirefreaks
- Multiply
- MySpace
+ Facebook

I'm started to get more active and serious with my blog now. Registered my blog to sitemeter and feedburner.

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colin said...

go for facebook..
definitely worth joining

Elisha said...

Yea, now I'm trying to check it out. ;)

But it might be a little bit complicated for a starter like me. Trying to look what features it offers. Hmmm.. Might be better than friendster eh?

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