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They say it’s hard to stop. Yes, indeed it is hard if you think it is but I don’t think so. Smoking is one of the habits that I’m trying to get rid of. It really burns a hole in my pocket and worst it has burned my skin most of the time occurs when I go clubbing and even worst my lung too.

Nowadays, the price of a box of cigarette is getting more expensive and might increases every year. The time when I first start smoking, it was way back in the year 2001, where I was still a high school student and I was form 4 that time, the price for a box of Dunhill is just RM 2.50 (tax free) and RM 5 something (taxed). Now it costs around RM 6 (tax free) and RM 8-9 (taxed). Not really that expensive compared to the price at other countries like Australia, England etc. but unnecessary spending I can say.

So, why I quit smoking?
It’s not good for my health every smoker knows this and also spending unnecessary money for the cig and fuel and also my time. I also promised my friends that I will quit smoking. Since I’ve only started smoking for approximately 6 years (2001-2007) I don’t think it’s hard for me to tackle this habit.

But then I still keep continue smoking. I stop buying cigarette but I started asking it from my friends. Just like what the Chinese Proverb saying “Talk doesn’t cook rice”. It’s hard to eliminate this habit if you’re not focus and not getting excited about it. Just like when I started smoking, I’m like very excited about it and now I’m doing it the other way round. Instead of thinking how and when to quit, it is better to quit it straight away.

Just Do It” - Nike

I’ve planned to start quitting on the year 2008. But just like what others say, it’s hard to stop it just like that. So, I give myself a two months trial on it before 2008 and I passed the trial with flying colors (100%)!!

The Zen to Done “Fixing Execution Problem”:

Once you get going, it is much easier to keep going
Leo Babauta,Zen Habits.

All I have to do is just start it instead of worrying about the distractions. By doing this, I rewarded myself with a better and healthier life without cigarette. I get excited about it everyday and now I even write about it. Actually being excited really helps me a lot in my progress. I stop focusing on the negative aspects such as the obstacles that I might go through and focus on the positive aspects instead. The most important part is to commit myself to it. I’ve tell my friends, family and now telling my readers – which is such a great motivator for me and to prove that I can do it.

How I quit smoking?
Simple, I hypnotized myself. All problem behavior are habits that are hard-wired in our subconscious mind and have become a part of our image of who we are, this is why they are difficult to break. So this is where hypnosis can help. I admit it is incredibly hard to stop before I’ve tried this method – the command that my logical mind gives myself is rejected by the critical “hard-wired” censor and never makes it into the subconscious. Just like when I got scolded by my parents for smoking and but then I still not listening to them – because of my ego I think that I’m right and they’re wrong and what they say doesn’t make sense to me. So what I do is, I hypnotized myself, concentrating all of the subjects attention onto a single object, speak directly to my subconscious mind (which I don’t have to pass the information and analyze it through my rational, logical mind and my super Ego) and say “TAK NAK to SMOKING”.

Just simple as that, it’s like deleting the smoking habit from my subconscious mind. Recovered back from the hypnosis, guess what, since that I never smoke until now – 2nd hand smoking doesn’t count. It may sound weird or stupid or against your belief or even doesn’t make sense to you, but this really works for me.

The best way you can predict your future is to create it” – Stephen Covey

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