Eli Shares Joins SwinTalk

Photo courtesy of SwinTalk.

SwinTalk is basically a blog for all Swinburnites or Swinburners or whatever you call it, who are currently diligently shaping their melon in Swinburne University (Sarawak Campus).

Why join SwinTalk? The website said it best
“Enhance Communication + Broaden Your Network of Friends”
It's also a place for the students and staffs sharing their student life and experiences in Swinburne. In the same time promoting your own blog in the blogroll.

Been studying in Swinburne for almost 3 years, I never seen any published articles or magazines made by the students - or maybe Swinburne Sarawak Newspaper. I was expecting something like that before I start my studies because it an Australian university and I have a high expectation of the campus having a weekly or monthly magazines. Obviously not happening here.

Maybe it's because of the culture here or the current economy situation where publishing a magzine is quite costly. Another big downturn is would anybody willingly to grab one of it?

With that kind of dilemma, there is almost no chance to even publish a single issue of magazine. But thanks a lot to the technology nowadays, this problem has came to an end. We have SwinTalk!!!

SwinTalk is FREE, even better you can give out comments and feedbacks, and also share your ideas. Compared to the traditional type of magazine, SwinTalk has the ability to feed your eyes with videos.

Newspapers or magazines with moving pictures and short clip videos are only availabe in the Harry Porter's world. We ain't wizards or witches.

For those Swinburners and Swinburnites who are reading this, you are encourage to join us in SwinTalk. It's very a great opportunity for us to get our voices out there and in the same time get connected with others. Who knows your soulmate might be reading your post? ;-)


speul said...

the current swintalk isn't as interesting as the last forum created few years back. if u still remember it.

Elisha said...

Yea, I still remember it. But for me, forum is mainly for discussion where most of the people miss-used it. They can't differentiate discussion and chatting.

I agree with you that the current SwinTalk ain't interesting as how it should be. But I'll do my best to make it one of the most favourite reads for the Swinburnites.

By the way, SwinTalk is my first group/community blog. Are you joining?

Arth Akal said...

ima join even though im not from swinburne uni haha.

how wacky would that be? LOL

Elisha said...

@Arth Akal
I'm not sure whether they will accept your application but it is worth a try.

Maybe you can give some ideas about "creating art" yea? Hehe...

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