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While visiting my favourite blogs, I discovered most of them has one thing in common - they TWEETS. Actually I have noticed this for quite a while but I never really bothered about it because Facebook has a similar service - "What is in your mind?".

But as the time passed by, reading their blogs and tweets in the same time, I discovered that tweeting is more like micro blogging. They posts tweets with very meaningful direct-to-the-point messages just like when they blog. The only difference is the message is short because it has a limit of 140 characters.

Indirectly it also can be you blog's "status" just like in the Windows Live Messenger - available, away, busy. Same goes to the similar feature in Facebook, write a short message telling what you're doing now or what is in your mind that you would like to share.
Looking on the bright side this service offers, I decided to set up an account yesterday and experience this new technology first-hand.

12 Reasons to Start Twittering
50+ Reasons Why Join Twitter Today
Join Twitter Now or Regret it Forever

Firefox extension that notifies you of your friend's tweets on Twitter:

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