I have been attending quite numbers of talks/seminar this year and last two week I went for a seminar about self-development. It was a seminar organized by my dad's insurance company, AXA Affin Life Insurance.

The speaker was Pauline and it wasn't any ordinary seminar where you just sit there, listen and jotting down key points and ideas. Participants are encouraged to actively participate in all the sessions.

As we started, the first question she asked us is "What is your principle, value and belief in life?"

Treating self-improvement as my top priority.

No doubt that I, and most of us, has this principle planted inside us since we were young. We want to be better than others by comparing ourselves to our peers, friends, relatives and parents - especially being better then who we are yesterday.

Those who holds this principle will constantly look for ways on how to improve themselves in all of the major aspects in their life. This really has played a big role in shaping me to be the person who I am now.

A bit history about me
I still remember when I was a kid, I love to play basketball and I dream to be one of the best basketball player. Everything started when I was in primary 4 (10 years old), from a brat who fights everyday to a boy who plays basketball everyday.

I was so heavily influenced by the comics I've read especially Dragon Ball Z (my fighting era) and Slam Dunk (my basketball era). During that time, most of my peers has started actively involve in basketball and I don't want to be left behind.

Without any basic skills and previous background in basketball I have to start from scratch!! I have to do all the basic trainings while watching my friends doing more advanced training from the sideline. It really itches me!!

Being left behind, I trained myself to the max everyday without fail. With the burning desire and passion within me, I improved my basic skills rapidly. To think about it, I was just like the main character of the Slam Dunk comic - Sakuragi Hanamichi.

After two months of basic training the coach called me into the team, where I joined my friends, was the most joyous and exciting moment but I know the challenge has just started. I have to fight for the top spot in the team - means i have to train even harder.

So I trained myself daily to improve my shootings and to be better than myself of yesterday. Everyday at 2 afternoon, I'll walk down to school for my rigorous self-training under the scourging sun before I join up with my group mates around 5 because I want to be the best.

(Me - #10)

The hard works paid off, my team won the school championship, which is my first ever medal and cup on my first taste of sport competition, and I was selected to represent the district and division (which was later rejected by the school headmaster and my parents because of UPSR exam).

(Me - Yellow #10)

Although after primary school, it is the end of my basketball era, but I still actively participate in some local competitions. Forgive me for bragging, I believe that I'm still the best ever Lun Bawang basketball player (#1)!!

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