Eli Shares Joined Technorati

 Photo courtesy of Khartik's Log.

Technorati is a very well-known blog search engine amongst bloggers. In Technorati you can easily find specific blogs on particular relevant topics you're looking for.

But to be honest, I have a little knowledge about Technorati and I've never used it before to look for blogs, where most of the time I'll be using Google as my agent. I'm new to it and I have a lot to learn.

I have been reading blog on "how to generate traffic into your blog" and most of them mentioned about "Technorati". It sounds like a new opportunity for me to reach out for more traffics into my blog and hit a new level of readership.

But of course I won't expect a sudden constant bombardments on the site's counter after I signed up - it's not an overnight process. The main thing is to be open to all opportunities that can help me to drive traffics into my blog and grow readerships. Treat daily improvements as your top priority.

I've claimed Eli Shares, have you claimed yours? Be sure to check out my Technorati profile.

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