My First Bicycle Convoy

While cruising on the road driving, I saw a group of people cycling along side of the road, to be honest I never thought that I'll be one of them someday. Riding a bike just scares the hell out of me especially when going side by side on the same road with cars. But in my heart, I would love to join a cycling convoy one day, at least once.

While I was running on the treadmill in the gym, doing my 30 minutes jogging like a hamster, opportunity just happened to knock on my door. Out in a blue moon, I was invited  by Jumri, my university's sport officer, to join a cycling convoy and I didn't hesitate to accept the invitation - YES MAN!!!

It's a convoy of  around 40 enthusiastic participants from various area of Kuching commuting through Satok-Pending-Tabuan Jaya-BDC-Airport-Kota Sentosa (7th Mile Town). Imagine how long that convoy gonna be? - A very long train of bikes.

I missed the trip to Kota Sentosa because I followed the wrong group, they heading back home, and actually three of us from the same group followed the wrong lead. Things happened for a reason, we took a break at Rasa-Rasa and get to know each other while waiting for the others from Kota Sentosa.

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View Larger Map
AIRPORT-SATOK route: 11.6km

At the end of the event we have our "unexpected free meal" near the Kuching Mosque, a hangout place for the cyclist, and to my surprise it was over midnight!! I was tired, a bit wet because of the rain and pain in the ass, but everything is worthwhile, I was really having fun and it was a really great and challenging experience. I also turned out overcomed the fear of cycling on the road.

Actually, after joining the convoy I really would like to have bicycle of my own. Since I was a kid, I always want to have one but my parents refuses because I'm kinda explorer - I don't just sit at home and watch TV. Now I have been thinking of cycling to campus, with the current bad economy situation I think it's a good idea - less frequent visit to the gas station.

What if I didn't accept the invitation earlier? Would there be another second opportunity for me again, if yes how long am I gonna wait? I won't gain any new experience if I just stayed in the box especially on university-break like now.

If you're getting into bored mode, break your pattern and do something interesting, don't be default because boredom is the enemy - Don't be like a hamster in a cage.


RachRich said...

Ko ya p buang peluh ka, tmbh lemak?? Cycling & stop at the coffee shop..u can have your 2nd opportunity, u're slim what..if me..every cars that passby must have accident due to the big B**t they saw..hehe!

A good idea to cycle to work @ campus. We can be like the JAPANESE, cycling to anywhere..Save our world from gases & $$! ;-)

Elisha said...

I never heard of it before too. It was Jumry who invites me. The convoy was on last Saturday and they have another convoy to Serian on Sunday morning. I didn't join because I'll be going to church on Sunday morning. I rode Jumri's bicycle. If you're interested you might give him a buzz.

Stopping at the coffee shop drink only ma. But at the end of the convoy for sure have to eat, need to re-energize.

Yea, that is what I'm thinking about. Some more I can go around BDC and look for chicks. ;-)

RachRich said...

Damn! These girls will throw stone towards you la!!! If not, dogs will chase after you!! (BDC area have alot of stray careful!)

Elisha said...

Gosh... Those are mentally retarded stray chicks. I can spot them from far away. For sure there are a lot of (B)eautiful (D)ecent (C)hicks around.

I'm not one of them stray dogs, I'm just a (B)abe-magnet (D)ishy (C)yclist. ;-)

RachRich said...

huh..creative of you! BDC right? Keep the effort to look for B.D.C la..surport u from behind!

Elisha said...

Wow, that's great!! Can you support me by sponsoring me a bicycle as a start?

Marcella Raymond said...

If you're getting into bored mode, break your pattern and do something interesting, don't be default because boredom is the enemy - Don't be like a hamster in a cage.

::NORMAL IS BORING:: <--I believe in that! =)

Hope to hear more of "My First..." stories from you!

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