My Trip to Kota Kinabalu

A clear and sunny Monday, terrific time to travel. ^_^
Being bored and tired after a hard work last Saturday.
My cousin, Jeremiah, and I planned for a two days and one night trip to the famous “Land Below the Wind”. My father booked a room for us at the 5-Star rated Pacific Sutera of Sutera Harbour Resort. Both of us are really excited!!! Why not? Having a chance to stay in such luxurious hotel.

It’s time to go and my car is running out of gas which is nearly empty. Unfortunately, Lawas one and only gas station is out of gas. But then, I still managed to continue our journey. The nearest gas station is in Sipitang, Sabah – the nearest yet so far.

Driving like a nanny with speed of 40 km/h (reducing the gas consumption) and troubled by the constant repetitive signal of the “Low Gas Warning”. Driving without the air-cond on in the sunny day. What a journey…. =/

Reached Merapok (Sarawak) the border between Sabah and Sarawak and we still have 17 km to go.

At last!!! No more worries ‘bout low gas ‘nymore. I choose SHELL for more mileage ^_^ Now I can drive faster at 150 km/h and with the air-cond on!!! Yay!!!

Arriving in the Sutera Harbour compound, driving through the grand entrance, both of us feels very excited, amazed with the landscape around us – buildings and the panoramic views of the sea. Imagine ourselves staying in a big hotel which accommodates 486 rooms which offers ultimate comfort and luxury.

But those are just dreams and imagination. My name is not in the list!!! Both of us are really upset, there’s a problem with the booking. Mistakes from the Sales & Marketing department. Both of us can’t afford for a night which costs RM 380 per night. So we decided to leave and find a place which is nice and affordable.

Going for dinner at Centre Point, having “CP Chicken Rice” which only cost RM 2.80, cheap and delicious. I’ve parked the car along the roadside in Api-Api centre. First I thought it was a parking space since a lot of cars are parking along it too. Instead of having parking coupon on the screen, I got parking ticket!!!!

After looking for affordable Hotel to stay in the town centre, we’ve decided to stay in Malar Kinabalu Hotel which only cost RM 58.00 for twin-bed room.

This small elevator can only fit 6 person with the same size of mine. Slow paced elevator which takes around 20 sec to reach 6th floor.

This is our room, room 605 the top floor of the building.

We’re provided with this small entertainer which is kinda useless. Not gonna spend time watching TV.

The bathroom without bathtub. Has a bad draining system which will flood the floor when you’re showering.

No more luxurious room, but we’re still happy though. ; )
At least we got place to rest and to do “cleaning”.

We went to Damai to meet our friends, Ah Siung, a chef in 50 CafĂ© and his girlfriend. Actually they’re a friend of my friend, Elijah. A friend of Ah Siung’s girlfriend in the internet. I was also introduced to Ah Siung’s cousin, Mahathir, a car racer. He owns a Proton Putra which has turbo-charged system and a 4G63 engine. He took me for a ride and his car is freakin’ fast. Clocked 140 km/h on the third gear with rev limit on 3000 rev. Feeling the force and the bish bish sound of the car is so great!!!
Then we have beer and we talk about a lot bout cars.


I woke up earlier than my cousin which is so unusual. Gazing through the window and decided to take some pictures of the city.

I can see my car through the window.

Time to check-out and we’ve just realized that the room key is missing!!!

The key was on the door knob all night long and both of us didn’t notice about that. Thank God, the door was locked from inside.

This is a couple shots on Inanam highway. Going to Ah Siung’s girlfriend house.

Replacing my standard 4-1 header to 4-2-1 Hotbits header.
Headers are one of the easiest bolt-on accessories you can use to improve an engine's performance. The goal of headers is to make it easier for the engine to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders. More.

The trunk is full of load. A4 papers in boxes. My aunt called me to get those stuff for her stationery business.

That night, Ah Siung’s girlfriend treats us for dinner at a Chinese restaurant which only offers Western foods. I’ve ordered lamb chop, cost RM 11.00, lots of meat, 3 slices of medium size meat and it taste great!!! ^_^
We head home to Lawas after having dinner.


Marilyn said...

That's a FUN trip wutt! Adventure.. hehehe funny also!

MisS FaBuLoUs said...

uits ... update gik!

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