My Blogging Mistake

Feedbacks and comments are very important because I would like to know what you think and share your opinions on what I've shared. It forced me to think why the numbers of feedbacks and comments are very low? What is the problem and why?

Photo courtesy of Psychology Today.

Looking at my posts, I found out something what I regret most... 
I didn't blog enough.

Eli Shares was created way back on 11th January 2007. Almost 2 years blogging I only manage to write a total of only 27 blog posts. I was having problem with my posting frequency and failed to maintain my momentum. It causes a huge gap between posts with the longest gap of approximately 5 months and to be exact 135 days!!!

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Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

I have to blame it on my bad habits. I tend to procrastinate a lot. When I have idea on what to post but a lot of "things came up" so what I did was telling myself that I'll write about it later or the next day but then I'll find myself skipping it again for the next day and continues on.

Photo courtesy of Aeirin's Collections.

The major cause of my bad frequency of posting is the blogger's block. Having trouble on what to blog about and I don't know how to begin and start writing - not even writing a draft. Staring blankly in front of the post editor and hoping that I'll think of a topic to write but ended up not writing anything. I was out of idea, lack of inspiration, creativity and motivation.

As a blogger this concerns me because readers will return disappointed because I didn't update my blog with fresh post. This may cause the readers to abandon reading my blog.

Learning from my mistakes, I'll find out ways to improve my blog and correct the mistakes which I have made.

I need to overcome these obstacles by overcoming procrastination and battling blogger's block.


lil_Lene said...

Mostly people always forgotten.. but sometimes if u have the idea just write it on the paper. So u wont easily forget it ma.. =)

aeirin said...

Hey the writer's block comic is not mine... I got it from

alls said...

lol..i have the opposite prob of yrs..

i have no time to blog..

u can blog something u are really interested in..
maybe computer games, red alert, COD5..who knows

Elisha said...

That's a good idea. I should keep an "Idea Book".

It's okay. I got it from your blog so I'll just link it to your blog. Cheers~

Huhu... No time? You have a total of 101 blog post this year!!

Yup, I will. But not about those games because I'm not playing them.

alls said...


hmm..tht's one year la..
u don count tht way..:P

Elisha said...

Yea la... hehe. Then how to count it la? I know, there are still more to come yea?

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