Always Double Check Your Works

I'm so happy after I've completed with my programming project wich is due today.  What a relief, after all the hardworks squeezing my brain out to write a program of a Point of Sale system, now I can start concentrating on the final papers next week and on the following week.

Actually the program has completed last Wednesday but I didn't double checked whether the whole program runs without any problem. After done writing the program I just proof checked a few of the functions and assume that the other functions are working as those I've checked.


Photo courtesy of Latin Snake.

Actually I was about to submit the program to the lecturer until that I discovered a glitch that one of the function is not working.  So I have to debug the program and try to look for the error and it's a lot of work!! It really stressed me out and give me a big headache because I have to check the codes line by line and functions by functions and compare it to the header file of another program within to locate and correct the error.

Debugging the program patiently and at last I found the bloody culprit.
"saveProduct(data, items)" <- WRONG!!!
This is how it supposed to be -> "saveProduct(items, data)"

Just misplaced these two entities, "items" and "data", has made the whole system gone out of order. I bet I was lucky to double check it just before I send it to the lecturer. This may have saved few marks for my project and I hope that I'll get a good result. 

Photo courtesy of The Situationist.

My parents, high school teachers, university lecturer always harps on this issue over and over:
Never leave everything to the last minute so that you won't lose the chance to revisit and double check your work. I know, I rarely listened to them, but I know why the keep stressing this out.

So folks, the moral of the story is 
Always Double Check Your Works!!

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