How to Stay Focus

Final exam is around the corner and my first paper is on next week Friday. I still have an assignment due this Friday and still doing it. Was supposed to finish it earlier so I can start doing my studies for my papers. The problem is that it's hard for me to stay focus on what I'm doing. I'm so easily get distracted and I always multi-task and procrastinate!! Switching from a task to another task and spend most of my time doing things that seems important but actually aren't.

As a student, I have this feeling buried deep down inside me. It's a pain to the soul, feeling guilty for not studying. It feels like something eating me from the inside and I feel like to explode. Stressed, disoriented, unmotivated, crazy, blank, blur, idle, hyper, inactive, whatever..... bla bla bla

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Enough with these NONSENSE!!!

I need to eliminate these thoughts and re-organize my mind and seek optimum mental focusing as focusing is the key to all success.

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8 steps to obtain optimum mental focusing...

1st... I need to eliminate all distractions.

  • Plan what need to be done for the day as this will free my mind from worrying about it.
  • Clear my desk.
  • Strictly no Facebooking, MSN chatting and web surfing.
  • Put the phone into silent mode.
2nd... Take my breakfast because it's the most important meal of the day. It will fuel me up and make me feel better and energized, this will help me to perform better. Remember eating healthy breakfast is the best way to start off your day.

3rd... Clear my mind and practice focusing by meditating. This will also help me to relax.

4th... Do a bit stretching before engage into studying. This will help to relax my tense muscles and increase blood circulation.

5th... Put on mood lifting music. I can't study without music because it'll will make my mind wander. Melodic trance and electronic musics boost my mood.

6th... Take action and discipline!! Work my plan and use it to guide and keep me moving forward.

7th... Take short breaks. So it's break time, do stretching and re-fuel myself with some water or coffee.

8th... Reward myself after the hard work. Celebrate my accomplishments and knowing that I've done my best.

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