It Pays to Get Up Early in the Morning

Photo courtesy of Amelia PS.

Surprise surprise... I woke up surprisingly early today around 5 in the morning!!! I went to bed quite late last night, just 3 hours back before I greet the day. Amazingly I feel great and normal like a fully charged battery. Was wondering what has interrupted my sleep but I can't find a clue.

Today is the first week of my holiday and I'm awake so early in the morning. I never woke up early like this during the semester even though I have early morning class.

Still lying on the bed with my eyes tightly closed, I forced myself to get back into sleep but my attempt failed. So I decided to stop wasting my energy on forcing myself back to sleep and start the day.

Waking up early today...

I found quietude. Everything is so peaceful and so quiet. In the early morning like this there's no cars, no bikes, no yells, no musics, no TVs noise. I truly enjoy this time of peace, it's the time for me to plan ahead on my goal today.

I see sunrise. I can't recall back when's the last time I saw sunrise. I'm a night-owl so it's rare for me to experience this greatest feat of nature - the transition of day. Where you can see the dark blue sky lighten up by the glorious morning star and slowly turns the sky light blue like a lamp dimmer. I can't imagine how if earth is square shaped, we might experience the day and night like the the on/off lamp switch at home.

Breakfast together with my parents. Having the most important meals of the day a little chit chat with my parents did boost up my day - mentally and physically. Cracking some jokes in the morning is a good way to jump start the day and lighten up your day with a good mood.

Goal time. After enjoying the quietude, the sunrise and filled my body with breakfast, now it's the time for me to review my plan of "my goal of the day" and execute it. To be a productive person, it's very important to have at least a goal to accomplish for a day. My goal today is to clean up my room.

Waking up early today really benefits me a lot - it's a godsend.


Azile said...

wow great, i used to wake up early in the morning all the time, coz its fun, and the air is so nice and fresh since i stay close to some hills and forests. Lol hahaha..have a nice day..i cant do that anymore since i got work now

alls said...

i wonder why so many ppl reading yr blog comes from KL..=.='


Elisha said...

Yea, next time I should try to go out from the house and jog around the park.

Maybe my peminat from KL. =p

Nono Fara said...

Well said.

But the thing is, sometimes it feels hard to resist the temptation to continue zzz-ing ;p dont you think? hehe

Elisha said...

It depends on your energy level, your habitual wake up time which is hardwired in your system and diet. These three elements would certainly effect your resting duration.

Sometimes you need to wake up early but your system is baiting you back to sleep. In most situation, you're half awake with both eyes closed, an indication that you're not ready to face the day yet.

What I usually do to eliminate the temptation is to force myself to open up my eyes and get myself off the bed. It will certainly disrupt my sleep.

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