Eli Celebrates His One Year Smoke Free

Photo courtesy of The Civil War

Today, I would like to celebrate my 1st non-smoking anniversary. I've reached 1 year milestone!!! I didn't really know when was the exact date of my quit so I've decided to mark my first year of gratitude on the 3rd December although I've announced TAK NAK! around November last year. Today I'll treat myself and my family a nice dinner to celebrate my accomplishment.

Quitting smoking is easy. You just need to reprogram yourself.

Smoking is a habit, so the only way to break this habit is through hypnosis and meditation. It has proven to be the most successful method to quit smoking cold turkey. I didn't use any smoking cessation aids such as the nicotine gum, inhaler and patches in the process. I just quit smoking abruptly.

It's like a miracle, since after my self hypnosis session I never crave and have an urge for a bloody stick of fag. I reprogrammed myself and created a new identity to be a non-smoker, someone who never smoke before, effortlessly. It has cut off all the smoking habitual cues such as: in the morning, in the car, toilet, after meal, alcohol, chatting with friends, etc.

No substitution of habit is required because I've reprogrammed my subconscious mind and it will actively support me being a non-smoker. That's the reason why I can quit smoking effortlessly. The withdrawal symptoms were also greatly reduced through hypnosis method. This helps me to relax and reduce stress.

I still hang around with my friends who are smoking like dragon without worrying that it will trigger a cue for me to smoke back. I remained smoke-free around the others who're still smoking.

My experiment on smoking
But one thing I need to admit is that I did tried smoking once. It's just an experiment on myself just to see how my body reacts after a few puffs because it really intrigues me. This experiment is just on half stick of fag. So the aftermath of the experiment:
1. My body system turns upside down and I got sick.
2. It suffocates me.
3. I got sore throat for almost a month.
4. Cough for a month.
5. I almost puke, the saliva floods my mouth.
6. Catch a flu.

The conclusion of the experiment is NO SMOKING

I would like to thank those who've supported me and I really appreciate it and also a big thanks to myself for making quitting smoking a reality. Now I'm living a smoke-free life.


SquareRootOne said...

I think...other than looking cool (sometimes la), therez no concrete reason to smoke..i used to smoke..sometimes smoke (to inflict sickness and pain to myself)..used to sell smoke to that others smoke..whahahah...but my advise...dont smoke if you havent start..it's bad for your health..for those dah smoke..i suggest u to stop..if it's too hard to smoke, then at least do something healthy like jogging...eat more greens..take lingzhi or some herbs man...my bro is a chain smoker (it's too hard for him to quit) but he takes some herbs to balance it a bit..and he went for some smoking test he was rated as nearly non smoker/light smoker...

tak nak..

Elisha said...

Thanks for the advice. I'm kinda carnivorous tho', I must eat meat everyday because my body needs protein. Maybe this is the time I should start to balance my diet and eat more greens and fruits.

Arth Akal said...

congrats, man. I've yet to call it quits.

but i;m tryin the least


speul said...

congratulations.. i must say, quitting is easy, if you really want to.. for me, i just smoke for fun, when im bored, or when im depressed.. congrats again man...

Elisha said...

@Arth Akal
Thanks Arth. Try your best mate!! =)

Thanks speul. It wasn't easy for me to stop because I was kinda like a chain smoker before. Thank God I found this method.

teena said...

high five! same here. *cough2* kantoi.

Elisha said...

Aih, since when? I didn't know that. Hmmmm...

Miz Orange~ said...


look at tht pic..smiling from ear to ear..hahah!!

Elisha said...

@Miz Orange~
Thanks Al!!

Tracie said...

what else i can say? LOL
CONGRATULATION to u !! keep it up!!

kennhyn said...

want to take on a new addiction....beer...haha just kidding...have a smoke free life...cheers!!!

Elisha said...

Thanks Tracie!!!

Thanks kennhyn!!! I drink beer every week and almost everyday. Yeah, I hope the clubs here in Malaysia will restrict smoking someday. =)

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