Nick Vujicic - A Man Without Limbs And A Man Without Limits

Imagine that you're born without arms and legs. What can you do when you're physically disabled? You couldn't do what normal people can do like walking, running, dancing, sports, hold hands, hugging with your arm wrapping around someone and you have no hands to experience touch!! Imagine how will these inabilities effects your daily life.

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But being born without arms and legs doesn't limit Nick Vujicic from achieving his goals and dreams. Born with such massive disability you won't expect someone like him "walking" and travelling around the world touching peoples heart with his inspirations and motivations. This guy really inspires me, a perfect example of life without limits.

These are the keys that helps him and changed his life from a man without limbs to a man without limits.
- Perspective, vision and choice.

Nick grew up and learned to deal and adapt with his situation and started to find ways to accomplish tasks and do a lot of things on his own. If Nick can touch the lives of millions and overcomes all the hardships in his life and take charge, what's our excuses? Why can't we do it? Trash all the excuses and overcome the mindset of limiting ourself that we can't do something.

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"Motivation gets you through the day, but inspiration lasts a lifetime" - Nick Vujicic

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