Welcoming The Year Of Ox

First of all I would like to wish all my Chinese friends and readers

Photo courtesy of Birds As Art.

This year is the year of ox, the second animal of the Chinese Zodiac, and I was born under this strong characted zodiac sign. Ox symbolize prosperity through fortitude and hard work. Wonderful isn't it to be born under a zodiac sign that has powerful signs of being a born leader, dependable and possessing innate ability to achieve great things. The cool fact is that these world famous leaders such as Barak Obama, Priness Diana, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussien and Napoleon Bonaparte are also born in the year of ox!! My favourite footballer, Wayne Rooney, is also born in the year of ox!! You definitely see the spirit of ox in him while he's playing.

Most of us now might be busy visiting Chinese Horoscope sites, seeking information and to learn more about your omens for the year. To be honest I really enjoy reading horoscope, either the Western or Eastern, mainly because some way it motivates me in the positive way, but I won't govern my life based on my sign.

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In Kuching, for days our nights were brighten up with colourful and beautiful fireworks, they can't even wait till midnight bombarding the sky 15 minutes earlier before new year. Which is rare back in my hometown, where you can only see fireworks shooting into the sky only on the new year. While in Gaza, they have advance "fireworks" that will explode in the sky and produce more tiny "fireworks" which will after that produce massive "fireworks" as it touches the ground - BIG BANG!!

I like festive seasons, it's time to get around visiting friends, enjoy the view of fireworks and of course feed your stomach all you can. Okay, I've done that on Christmas but this Chinese New Year I fed myself with advices and motivations.

Since my parents move to Kuching, I've been following them visiting their friends. One of my dad's senior is an avid talker on education. I've visited him last year and he and my dad had adviced me to continue on with my engineering studies. Their advice does motivates me a bit in the first semester of the year but in the end, on the second semester, I just can't force myself - I'm remarkably stubborn.

I can see the ox spirit within me, very persistent, for five years I've continued requesting my parents that I wanna change program to business. It does pays off, my parents agrees and this coming semester I'll be studying business, in the year of ox - how coincidence. I explained it to my dad's friend, he paused and agree with my opinion. He smiles and say "This is the time for you to realize your dream, God has granted your wish and now it's your turn to do your part".


RachRich said...

Bura peh dat ayu kiung pung sineh? Metaga te uih??!!! Happy OXi FA CHAI to u 2!!

Elisha said...

Hehehe... That's the meanest look I can find. Nice yea?

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