Reflecting back on 2008

The day has gone past pretty fast these days and now it's the end of another year. It was both a good year for me and also a difficult one. Today I would like to share my exciting moments and memories of 2008.


It has been 7 years already that I've been living in other city far away from my family and this year I live together with them again under one roof.

Celebrate my brother's birthday.

Photo courtesy of Virtual Tourist.
Went for beach retreat with my family at Sematan Palm Beach Resort.

Play bowl with my family.

Partied with my cousins at Sematan Beach.


Visited my university mates house during Hari Raya.

Joined Swinburne's outdoor activity for the first time. Beach Bash '08 at Permai Rainforest Resort!!!

And won 3rd place in Treasure Hunt!!!

Having high time at the beach and get myself wasted.


Celebrating my 23rd birthday with my family.

Learned how to steam fish.

Learned how to cook chicken curry.

Worked as an intern at Konsortium Bumi Consultant and Services.

Permed my hair for the first time.

And the second time.

Broke up twice...

Weighted 76kg!!! Broke my previous record - 71kg.

Transformed into a vampire on Halloween.

Photo courtesy of Jungle Mike's Site.
Experienced kayaking for the 1st time.

Photo courtesy of Swinburne Sarawak Football/Futsal Club .
Participated in Swinburne's Futsal team selection. Just made it through the 1st wave.

Get on board on one of the oldest ship - The MV Doulos.

Well I have plenty sweet memorable moments throughout the year and of course I did encountered few problems and some painful memories. But I don't want to dwell upon the past or blame the whole year because of some difficulties. Instead I need to learn from my mistakes and the experiences that happened to me. I really appreciate and grateful with the happy moments and the experiences with my wonderful family and friends.

Was 2008 a good year for you?


Anonymous said...

nice post Eli.. guess mine's jz about the same, just minus sum parts like becoming a vamp on halloween etc.. lol!

in the end of the year, im sure we'll always have something to look back and learn from iyeah.. and the coming year, we hope not to repeat the same mistakes too..

since it's still mid of Jan 09, i wanna wish u all the best in life this year.. stay kakkoi.. may it b filled with more sweet memories, joys & laughter, success and all the good things in life for u along with ur family & friends.. =)

have a good 2009, Elisha! ^__________^v


Elisha said...

Thanks for the wish Osaka. I really appreciate it.

"Mistakes will only help us to improve ourself if we learn from it"

amanda-dawin. said...

hehehe!! great year eih sha?? hehe. mine too!! :D

Elisha said...

Hey dawin...

Yea, 2008 was great but 2009 will be even greater - more challenges!! I'm looking forward to do more stuff that I've never done before and pursue my dreams. Realizing it will make me feel alive.

That's great you have a blast too!

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