Happy 2nd Bloggivesary Eli Shares!!

On January 11th, 2007 was when I officially started Eli Shares. It has been 2 years and I feel great about it although I just manage to publish 31 blog posts. Wasn't a great number though because I've done a blogging mistake but the site meter proves that Eli Shares is going back to the right direction again.

This is the visits and page views graph bar for the year 2008 and January 2009.

Reflecting back 2008

During the two final months I've started to post more and be more active in the blogosphere community. I've started to comment and communicate with other bloggers and promoting my blog in my social network profiles. The promotion did really pays off with the visits and page views increased rapidly!!

Posting frequency was improving compared to the previous year. Over the year I've published 21 blog posts and most of them are about personal development and Eli Celebrates His One Year Smoke Free has the most comment. The about me page wasn't that impressive and out of date. I didn't really care much about it at the first place but actually the 'about me' page is one of the most important component of the blog - who's the author, what does the blog offer, how to contact the author etc.

Layout and Design
First of all, I want to express my gratitude to Design Disease for providing free premium blog templates. I've been using this blog template since March, although I was having a bit problem using it because it's a Wordpress template and I manage to fix the problem. I've also added a chat box for me to communicate and Feedjit to track the location of the visitors.

I've added AdSense into my blog and I only earned $0.12!! Anyway I'm still new with AdSense so I need to learn more on how to generate more income.

Eli Shares 2009 Resolution

+ Improve the blog content
   - Publish at least 15 blog posts per month
   - Write more useful content
   - Write remarkable content
   - Adding appropriate hyperlinks
   - Relevant use of categories/tags

+ Improve the blog community
   - Write an about me page
   - Compelling author information
   - Compelling contact information
   - Encourage blog comments
   - Giving remarkable comment on other blog

+ Improve the blog traffic
   - Hits 10,000 visitors on the site meter
   - Promoting the blog in social media site and forum
   - Submitting the blog in blog rings and networks
   - Use Technorati

Well, as a start this is my first post for this year and it's a fresh new start for the blog. I need to do a lot of improvements and accomplish the goals and milestones that I have set.

Getting ready for a better, bigger and awesome Eli Shares!!!


speul said...

you got $ 0.12 on adsense? how come mine's still $0.00? hmm.. oh well, glad to see more post from you.
what site do you use to track your readers from the chart i see above? is it from feedjit also?

Anonymous said...

yeah, i think i should think how to increase my traffic too. Thanks, the post motivates me a bit, cheers!

Elisha said...

Yea, I'm not really sure how the system works yet so I can't explain how does it generates money.
That chart was taken from the sitemeter not from Feedjit. I suggest you to get one, it's very useful.

Hello Ukee... Welcome to Eli Shares.
Try to promote your blog with your friends and promote them in friendster or facebook. That might help. Also, post regularly so you won't lost readership.

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