Blog Update: Widgets and Add-Ons, Themes and Templates

Actually I should post this update last Thursday but I went back to Miri for my nephew's, Melvin, wedding. I'm quite busy these few days so I have to postpone it until today.

*Widgets and Add-Ons
I've added the 'Recent Comment Feed' Widget which is quite a cool and helpful widget for the blog. Which will update me with the latest comments on any posts. Thanks for its help, I don't have to worry anymore checking comments on every page.


Photo courtesy of Tips for New Blogger

*Outlook and Templates
All this while I've been trying to change my blog's outlook. I mean, to make it look a bit more fancy and more attractive because the original design is too plain. Below is the picture of my original blog, which only has 2 columns (Minima Template).

I've changed the template from minima to denim and also added a new column in between of the post and footer column.

Happy with the extra column but not with the design. I decided to browse for blogger's templates and I found few templates that really ticks me.
So I decided to try this template called Dilectio... It's a converted Wordpress's template, so that you can use it in Blogger.

Dilectio comes from the Latin Language and it means "love, solicitude, esteem".

Now my blog looks far more better and more attractive. As you can see...
* White background and header with the continuous swirl design.
* 3-columns theme.
* Tab menus.
* Navigation bars.
* 'Leave a reply' in the comment area.
* Widget ready - two sidebars supporting widgets.
* Using 5 plugins - WP-PageNavi, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Gravatar and FlickrRSS.
* "About this Blog" section which includes an intro, search and links to RSS feeds.

But I still do have a bit problem with the theme on its main content area. Disorganized arrangement of the contents. I'm trying to deal with the problem as soon as possible because this will spoil the looks of my blog and makes it look disorganized.

Eli Shares some helpful tips for your blog:
+ Recent Comments Feed Widget.
+ 3-Columns template (Denim Template).
- Links for other templates are available in the post.
- Make sure you choose the right selection for your blog.
+ Change your blog's outlook with cool premium themes.

[UPDATE] 17 March 2008
Bad news, I've found out that there's no 'Leave a reply' function in the comment area. Which I don't have any idea why it is not there. Now I'm still using the original blogger's "Post a comment".

Good news, I have solved the problem at the 'main content area'. It is quite a hardwork to check the codes throughly and spot where the problem lies. I have to do trial and errors check out on the codes. What I did was changing the value of any possible codes that involves image one by one until I found the flaw.

/**/ * html .post-body p img {} /* */
.post-body p img { max-width: 420px;}
.post-body p img { width:expression(this.width > 420 ? "420px" : this.width); }
.post-body img { margin: 0px 10px 10px 0px; float: relative; border:solid 1px #495b6b;}

After changing the float value to relative, the pictures and text are properly aligned back as how it supposed to be. Problem solved, no more disorganized text alignment.


Nags said...

thank u so much for this tip! i wud have never foudn it myself. now i can use this template in peace :) thanks again!!!!!!

Elisha said...

You're welcome nags. =)

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