The Red Devils Slams Liverpool 3-0

The Grand Slam Sunday is happening again today!!! Today the big fours are competing against each other on their 31st matches of the league for the title race.

Last encounter, Grand Slam Sunday 16th of December 2007... First Round
Manchester United beat Liverpool at Anfield by 1 goal to 0, scored by Tevez the Scouse Buster while Arsenal beat Chelsea at home by 1 goal to 0, scored by ex-Chelsea player Gallas...
A great Christmas gift for the United's fan... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

For your information I'm a fan of Manchester United - so I'll talk more about Manchester United and I can assure you that this might get biased all the way long.

Man United vs Liverpool 16/12/07 - Fans taunt Scousers!!

GRAND SLAM SUNDAY, 23rd March 2008... Second Round
This time the Red Devils will host the match at Old Trafford against the Scouse, fighting for thier 4th position in the league against its neighbour the Toffees, and the Gunners will visit Stamford Bridge to fight for the 2nd place against rival the Blues.

I was very excited even before the match started. I'm always like this especially when United are head-to-head against their rivals. Sitting infront of the TV and sing my favourite Man United chants on the Merseyside.

Oh Merseyside is Full of SHIT
(to the tune of 'When The Saints Go Marching In')

Oh Merseyside! (Oh Merseyside!),
Is full of shit, (is full of shit),
Oh Merseyside is full of shit.
It's full of shit, shit, and more shit,
Oh Merseyside is full of shit...

More other United songs and chants on their rivals, Pride of Manchester.

Today Fergie has suprised us by using the 4-5-1 formation and put Tevez on the bench.
Rafa decides to use 4-4-1-1 formation and putting Torres and Gerrard up front.

The Final Result is.... The Red Devils BATTERED the Scousers THREE goals to NIL.

Brown 34', Ronaldo 79', Nani 81'


Both team started with good football spirit with a lot of entertaining aggresive attacks especially from the Red Devils. The first booking was shown to Mascherano on his hard tackle on Paul Scholes. On the 34th minutes, defender Wes Brown hits the ball into the net off his back from Wayne Rooney's cross. On the stroke before half-time, the Man in Black sent Javier Masherano off the pitch for dissent (running about 20 yards to the ref asking "What has happened?" and got himself booked the second time). I should agree with Bennett's decision to book him and send him off. It is Masherano's fault who keeps on whining on an incident which doesn't concern him. Some more, the ref has warn him to shut up and fuck off but he just can't stop whining like a bitch. He left Bennett no choice but he After the incident, Steve Bennett got himself position into the centre of attention by the Scousers. He even refuse to award United a penalty on Jamie Carragher's miss-timed tackle on Rooney. Liverpool down to 10 men before the break. It's clear that Man United dominate the first half of the game.

Refreshed after the break, the Red Devils continue to dominate the possesion. Christiano Ronaldo scored his 34th goal and his first goal on the Scousers with a brilliant header delivery pass Reina and left the Scousers hopeless. Couple of minutes after that, Nani extended the lead by scoring the 3rd goal for United at the 81 minutes sending the fans crazy. Thundering applauses, songs and chants by the fans in Old Trafford and also don't forget the fans whose watching the match through the TV (like me), clapping hands and shouting out loud.

Match report from MANUTD.COM by Adam Bostock

I would like to experience the atmosphere at Old Trafford someday in the future. Watching the Red Army crushing its opponents.

The final whistle has blown at Stamford Bridge, end up with 3 goals. I was hoping for a draw so that it's hard for them to keep up, but instead the Blues gunned down Arsenal 2-1 and move themself up to the second spot leaving them 5 points behind the Champion.

It is a sad fact that Liverpool has never win the league title for 17 consecutive years and will continue long way. Most of the time they're struggling to get their ass on the 3rd to 5th position in the league. It's even almost impossible for them to climb up to the 2nd position, what to say to reach on the top of the league?

The Red Devils is unstoppable now, they even eliminates the Gunners from the FA Cup with a explosive score of 4 goals without reply!!!

Glory Glory Manchester United!!!

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