Sex Toy From Outer Space

Alien... I'm sure you know how aliens gonna look like. They might have some human like figures but they also may have some extra features on their looks. As we all know, there's a lot of alien related movies has been aired. Such as Alien vs Predator, Star Wars, E.T., Men in Black and etc. etc.

The Hollywood costume designers will will try design the aliens to look "weird and scary" as possible to impress us. But there's something really funny about the the design of these aliens. Although they might be the most scariest or ugly alien in the movie you can notice, there's something familiar about the design which they adapt directly from down under your pants.

This is what gonna happen if you hire someone who's out of idea or a horny bastard or has experience working as a sex toy designer. They just can't resist it!

Wait... What?!! Under my pants?!! You kidding me?

Yes, they do look like our genitalia... Don't believe me?

Let's start with....

1. Clawbia Majora a.k.a Predator (Predator)

Predator has the labia-mouth combination. So powerful, so scary but yet still a pussy.

2. Cock in a Purse (My Stepmother is an Alien)

Creepy sex toy with an eye.

3. Ball-chinian (Men in Black)

He got BALLS!!

4. Sandgina a.k.a. Sarlacc Pit Monster (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi)

Sandgina trap!! Make sure you didn't pee at wrong place when you're out at the desert. Watch out!!

5. Dong of the Dead a.k.a. Dune Sandworms (Dune)

Cock-alike-worm from down under the sand. Beware girls...

6. Spear Pucker (Starship Troopers)

This is one nasty monster.

7. Vibe Raider (Coneheads)

Most famous sex toy from outer space.

8. Prolapsed Anus (War of the Worlds)

Attacking anus. Specially design for ass freaks.

9. Alcoholic Clit Monster (Star Wars IV: A New Hope)

A new hope for fellatio.

10. Vagitron a.k.a. Megatron (Transformers)

I didn't expect to have my favourite Transformers robot to be in the list.

11. Pocket '70s Bush a.k.a. The Tribbles (Star Trek)

This guy is sure a freaking horny bastard. Hairy balls everywhere.

12. Fuck Face (Aliens)

I'm wondering how these movies can pass our strict Malaysian Censorship Standard? These movies should be rated 18SX. I guess they're trying to "advertise" sex toy freely without being caught by the censorship department.

Hmmm... Maybe that's the reason why we enjoy watching alien movies right?



MY Special Education said...

Survey:Somewhere out there, in the deepest, darkest reaches of Outer Space, do you think....?

Elisha said...

I'm not sure whether there are any other living organism out there in space. Well, those what we saw in TV are all merely human's imaginations.

Till today, scientis still can't prove that there are other alien civilization in the space yet.

Mon Calamari said...

Elisha, Exactly. The world was flat until Scientists proved otherwise.

MY Special Education said...

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Computer Repair Service said...

very funny image ! i am very happy to see it..all are funny.

sydney wedding venues said...

Start off by doing some research for companys that offer turn-key adult stores. These companies will host, and maintain you site, as well, in some cases, serve as a distributor by providing a inventory of products you can use on your site and offer drop shipping services.

Flix said...

Our Galaxy is teeming with intelligent life, most of which is vastly more technologically advanced than us. They visit us regularly, some have bases here on Earth. their presence has been much stronger since we discovered nuclear weapons (The kids have found the matches).The global authorities have had a truth embargo surrounding the issue since 1947 (The Roswell crash) There is documented evidence supporting this issue if we care to do the research. Most of them are humanoid with technology tens, hundreds of thousands of years ahead of us.

Flix said...

After the Roswell (New Mexico) crash the US military panicked when they realised that there was NOTHING they could do to prevent our visiting neighbors from flying into their restricted air space. Their weapons were useless against the visitors so feeling powerless they simply denied their existence.There have been a few documented cases where US planes have attacked these guys but they simply avoid retaliation and maneuver their way out of the path of the Air Force's primitive weapons with their superluminal propulsion systems as in the 1942 Battle Of Los Angeles which was well documented. Yes there are pictures.

Flix said...

Of course the skeptics (I was one) and debunkers will come out of the woodwork with their unsubstantiated rejection of this phenomena. Usually they don't or won't research the existing evidence simply because to their narrow view of the world it "just can't be". which is usually their only rebuttal when their arguments are dissected.

Ryan Boyles said...

Still can’t get over with Ball-chinian from Men in Black! Hahaha! These photos are so funny, thanks for sharing.

-Ryan | sex toys Philippines

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