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HELLO! My name is Elisha and I write Eli Shares.

About Elisha
I'm a Lun Bawang from a small city in Northern part of Sarawak called Lawas. Currently I'm living in Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak which is 1200km away from my hometown, where I pursue my studies in Business (Management and International Business) at Swinburne University. Previously I lived in Miri, Sarawak, where I spent 5 good years studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at SM Teknik for SPM, and RIAM Institute of Technology for Diploma.

Being the eldest son in the family, I have one younger brother, I've been victimized to become a lab rat, but well they're a little bit too late I was borned in the year of Ox - hard headed, rebellious, remarkably stubborn but in some other way I possesses innate ability to achieve great things - wink. That makes me sounds like I'm a very bad ass dude, as the likes of Adolf Hitler, but I still have the softer part in me - I'm easily approached and I'm friendly - wink wink.

About Eli Shares
I've started Eli Shares in 2007, aiming to share about my personal experiences, thoughts, ideas and feelings. It's also a place for me to  practice the art of writing, discovering my groove, style, sound and approach. Encouraging my mind doing creative exercises, making cobwebs into cables.

Eli Shares is a personal blog which covers many topics on my personal self development, growth, goals and other interests - reflecting my life's journey and in the same time entertaining you about my personal life.

To keep in touch with me, please kindly email to elishares at gmail.com

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RachRich said...

hoi!! who's dat person u hug?? mileh ko crop gamber neh leh..sikda gambar lain ka?hehehe!how's life?

Elisha said...

My ex-girlfriend. My PC, where I store most of my pictures, has gone hair-wired. Now I'm using my mom's laptop, most of my picture stored here are group photo, so I have to crop it.

Life is great, thank you. =)

RachRich said...

yerler..life must go on lah Sha, Bunga berkuntum-kuntum! u knw that mak ko & ku sama tutor dai OUM. taking same subjet..I saw your father that day, he's
taking his master degree?

Elisha said...

I know. Anyway, I'll change that portrait picture to a more stunning one. In the same time changing my profile picture too.

My mom's studying and my dad's lecturing in OUM. Ah, no wonder you got that "How to improve your English skill" poll in your blog. I've cast a vote, checked all the boxes.

Anyway, checkout my post on Why We Should Learn English

RachRich said...

haha! That's one of my assignment lah..I think your mom have this question too. Ishkk!! Going to school again & my brain is cramp! Have to dig everything out again & More reading too..huh!

One thing, what's the best photo editing software huh? I've download Picasa before but not satified with it. I saw you 'WEIRD' photos in facebook last month & it's really2 cool yeah.. :)

Elisha said...

Good luck with your assignment. I've replied it in your post.

I'm using Adobe Photoshop and it's the best photo editing software ever but I suggest you to keep a few - to make your editing easier.

Marcella Raymond said...

I was born in the year of Ox too.
Bahh, do we have the same attitude?
I wonder. =P ngeh ngeh.

Elisha said...

Attitudes are judgments and this all depends on owns personality. =)

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