Hatrick for Manchester United

 Photo courtesy of the Republik of Mancunia

Manchester United has again being crowned as champion of England for 3 consecutive years and they're not just only champion of England, but also Europe and the world!!!

Thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson's brilliance management where he led the team to win the title and in the same time leveled Liverpool's record - A record which they are dying to protect.

Photo courtesy of Neil Jones from sport.co.uk

United had only 7 titles when Sir Alex became the manager of Manchester United and now had won 11 titles under his reign, which then equalize the Liverpool's successful 18 titles record.

The glory is unacceptable and a disgrace for the bitter Looserfools and the most interesting part is that they still boastfully claim that they are the champion of England even though they never won the title since 1990. Well, it's a trophy-less season for them again, but they have 28 reasons why they should be proud of their 2008-09 campaign. At least they have something to cheer about.

Photo courtesy of dailymail

But there's nothing to cheer about for Rafa Benitez, everything is bitter for him, he refuses to congratulate the most successful manager in history but instead ranting and talk nonsense about Sir Alex and Manchester United. Such a pathetic, unprofessional, and childish manager. I can imagine that those Liverpool players and fans will suffer mental breakdown if he stays longer there - You'll never get bitter alone.

Hatrick for Manchester United, Hatred from the Liverpool boss.

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