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I’m a very active person. For the past few weeks I was heavily involved in football and futsal. In football, I was representing Swinburne for the IPT League organized by FA Malaysia. Meanwhile in futsal, I played for my team, Mercurial (Swinburne) FC, and we’re competing in the KFA Champions League.

In order to get fit and to improve my skills, I need to train everyday so that I can get myself ready and prepared for the challenges that are yet to come on every matches. Training is the fundamental principle which applies to all kind of skills development , be it for the purpose for sports, education, self-improvement, music, communication and also blogging.

Talk about blogging, in fact I’m very active in the virtual world but just that my focus was somewhat strayed away nowadays. Instead of producing contents, I slowly shift into the “consumers” category. This happens to many bloggers out there too.

Watching tons of videos on how to kick a ball won’t help you to become a good footballer if you don’t do your part which is by training. Same goes to blogging, by just reading blogs and doing nothing is very unproductive and it won’t get you anywhere. Let alone being the best blogger in your own region or being an A-List blogger.

Train Yourself/Myself to Become a Better Blogger

I might not be an A-List blogger but I would like to share with you a couple of writing methods on developing your blogging skill. No worries, I will explain them short and simple.

The first and foremost important skill in blogging is – WRITING SKILL.

Have you heard of the 10,000 Hour Rule? Alright, you may never heard of it but it is quite straightforward for you to understand its meaning. The more time you spent on developing a skill, the better you’ll become on it.

The more you write, the more you will improve your writing skill. It is just simple as that. Because as a blogger you need to clarify your ideas, convey your message and ideas, and release your thoughts. If you don’t train your writing skill, you’ll risk of losing your creativity and your brain might get rusted because you’re not doing anything on your thinking.

“Writing is basis of all wealth. If you never write it down, it never happens.” – Scott Ginsberg

So, my suggestion is to: write, write, write and WRITE.


The most basic writing skill training is to start a journal, where you records all your of learning, mistakes, feelings, victories, dreams, ideas and reflections.

Buy a small notepad that can fit in your pocket or just use your mobile phone, bring it everywhere you go. Because sometimes ideas pop out anytime and you need to quickly record it down before you forget it. At the end of the day, write the ideas or thoughts into your journal and do some reflection and elaboration on the idea.

Brain Dump Method

Another method is the Brain Dump Method. This is a fantastic method I’ve learned from Become A Blogger lesson. You can write it down on paper or better by using Microsoft Words or any other typing application.

1st, you need to come up with with a topic to write.
2nd, do all necessary research.
3rd, turn off your monitor screen. If you’re using laptop, reduce the size of your typing application’s window into a small box so that you can’t see what you’re writing. (Make sure the application is active!)
, start writing with the intention of creating an article.

Just write everything down that comes into your head. Don’t worry about spellings, grammar mistakes and structure, just focus on writing without stopping.

After you’re done, turn on your monitor or maximize the window of your typing application, I guarantee that you’ll be amaze with the results. You might have already written a 7000 words article! Now you can proceed editing the article – spell check, grammar and structuring the article.

Train Your Other Blogging Skills Too

Writing is the fundamental skill that a blogger must develop but there are other skills that you as a blogger need develop too. 31 Days to Build A Better Blog, written by Darren Rowse of, is a workbook designed to guide and teach you in working out your blogging training regime for over a month.

With a promotional price of $19.95, you’ll develop techniques that A-list bloggers had mastered and transform your blog into a valuable online asset.

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