Are You a Multi-Tasking Monster? Practice Mindfulness and Slay the Monster


Multi-task - Chrome Browser 
I am a multi-tasking monster!

I’m not bragging neither being proud of being a multi-task monster. It’s a horrible feat that I possess. Even when I’m writing this post, I have the urge to do other “unfinished” tasks. I’m thinking on writing my assignment essay paper, preparing slides for my class presentation, writing email, writing a blog post for my other blog, to read blog posts and watch videos that I have abandoned, and check my Facebook account.

Procrastination and multi-tasking is a mechanism that kicks-in while you’re unaware of it until it’s too late, especially when you’re not focused enough. – Elisha Batuncang

Doing too many things at a time doesn’t do any good, you will loose focus, kill your creativity, get yourself overwhelmed with tasks because your brain too will soon run out of memory and this will sap your energy. Productivity = negative.


I have 3 of my web browsers on and each of them have extraordinary amount of tabs open.

34 Chrome tabs open
27 Firefox tabs open
15 Opera tabs open

4 Words documents are open. 2 of them are my essay assignment and the other 2 are the instructions. I have wrote a bit and abandon it to write a blog post, not this post, which I get myself loss in Wikipedia and strayed to watch videos in youtube.

And believe me, I just got myself strayed… Again…

Multi-tasking has really wasted my energy and my precious time. My attention span and concentration is thinning down. Before I could finish one of my task I start another new task.

My Mission

Today is the first day of the month, often to be the best day to implement something – a task, goal, etc., and for my case, I need to change my habit and start practice mindfulness.

Mindful means one thing at a time.
If you want to get more things done, be mindful.
If you want to have more time, be mindful.

I’m getting excited now and this would be a very challenging month for me. All these while I’m so used to be doing a lot of things in a time, switching from task to task.

To train and reprogram myself to do one thing at a time would be challenging but it is a rewarding habit for me to acquire. It will sharpen my focus and improve my attention span.

If you have any tips to share with me on being mindful, please don’t hesitate to share with me. I really appreciate your help and advice.

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