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Finally, Eli Shares has officially launch its own page on Facebook.
Eli Shares Page would be a great channel for me to connect with you, the readers and bloggers, to build an online community where we can socialize, interact with each other and maximize our relationship.

You can easily ‘Like’ Eli Shares by:

  1. Visiting Eli Shares Page
  2. Clicking the Like button on the side bar

Some quick updates:

I have removed the cBox widget from the blog because in my opinion, after a couple of years having it embedded in my blog, I discover that:

  • cBox doesn’t function as an effective method to connect with readers.
  • It had caused delay in page load time.
  • People tend to comment in the cbox rather than in the post itself.
  • It has hidden pop-up advertisement.

Alternatively, if you would like to leave me a message, you can just drop me a Holla in the Facebook page or you can also email me.

Another widget I have removed is the Top Commentators Widget. The main purpose of me having that widget is to promote comment, in the same time helping the commenter/bloggers to promote their blog.

But after I’ve switched to Intense Debate, I notice that the Top Commentators Widget doesn’t record the comment count in Intense Debate, therefore I have decided to scrap it down.

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