Give Me a Break

Hello and Good Day to you all... It has been quite a while I didn't post anything. I was kinda busy these few weeks.

Last week we're having a semester break just only for 1 week. Didn't really do anything during the break. I don't have any plan to go traveling or go for some outdoor activities. Most of the time, I stayed at home playing PS 2, surf the net and chatting with my friends. So boring eh? Hehehe...

On the Wednesday night, I went out clubbing with Mathew, Emma and her cousins and also some other Swinburne friends at Grappa. That night was ROCK! I got drunk and party hard! I was really enjoying and dance a lot. But sadly Emma and her friends Debbie and Debbie went back quite early when it started to get more happening. After they left, me and the others still continue partying. I even didn't know what time I left the club. Was really HIGH!!! Gosh... Really miss that moment and the feeling.

The next day, I just stayed at home and didn't go anywhere. Doing some housework, cleaning, rearranging and de-cluttering the living room and kitchen. Nothing much activity done this particular day. Was tired resulting from the hardcore party on Wednesday night.

On Friday, I went for my cousin's funeral service. Don't really quite know him personally but heard a lot about him. He is an athlete representing for the country in the 70's if I'm not mistaken. Really sad to lost a legend like him. Rest in Peace.

Saturday, doing some gotong-royong. Helping a family to move their stuffs and clean their house. The back side of the house got burned by fire where the store room, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen and a study room are. The father of the family got a minor burn and the other family members escaped safely.

These are just some activities I've done during the semester break. Now we've started our class again and we got 6 more weeks to go. These few days I didn't really got myself into study yet, sleeping most of the time.


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