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The Red Devils has been crowned the champions of Europe for the third time after winning a dramatic penalty shoot-out over The Blues at the Luzhniki Stadium, home ground for Torpedo and Spartak Moscow, Russia.


Match day...
Me, my relative and his friends went to Food Garden to watch the big match. We came quite early, an hour before the match starts because we afraid that we will have no place to sit. Why not? It's the UEFA Champion's League Cup final match between two English football giant. As I arrived, the place wasn't that crowded yet and I can see some football fans of both clubs wearing on their football jersey and some just wearing normal shirts. Most of them wearing red and blue but I'm the only one wearing the Man United white jersey them time and proudly showing mine off. Even the waiters was wearing Man United jersey. Hehehe...

As the time approaching kick-off, more and more football fans are coming - young, old, guys and girls - no age and gender limit. Everybody seems to prefer watching the match outside rather than at home. The place became more crowded and happening, just that nobody's singing their football club's chants and songs other than me so it turns out to be a bit boring to me since no one joining me singing. By the way I just can only sing few songs... But at least I know some songs that they always sing at the stand rather than I dunno any right? =p

As the match kicked-off, both team starts attacking and defending with fierce fighting spirit resulting violence gameplay. The match was in a total carnage, both team fights really hard to gain control of the ball, exchanging hard tackles and heavy body contacts which result in blood shedding collisions. Paul Scholes got unlucky as he clashed hard with Claude Makelele and that caused a heavy nose bleed on the central midfielder . United was down to 10 men temporarily while Scholes was receiving treatment but yet United still controlling the game.

After receiving the treatment, Scholes reunited with the lads and continue to fight back. Although with his nose stuffed and was still bleeding, gifted with the nerves of steel, this man amazingly shows a great fighting spirit and perfectly focused. Despite of his injury, he stay his cool and unconcerned as ever. He even contributes for the opening goal of the match with a magnificent passing to Wes Brown and gave Brown a nice timing to cross the ball into the box and expertly finished by the Greatest Footballer of the Year, Christiano Ronaldo, netting his 42nd goal of the season.

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I was overjoyed and jumped off from my chair giving high five to other Man United fans while the Chelsea fans sit down quietly with their sour face portraying their disbelieve on the score. Taunting "GOAL!!!" every time as the replay repeatedly shows the ball flew past through the goalkeeper, provoking the Chelsea fans. One of my cousin's friend a fan of the Blues, who's very annoyingly noisy and acts like he seems to know everything, dismayed and went into complete silent.

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Unexpectedly just before reaching half-time, a destructive attempt on goal from Essien cannoned off both Vidic and Ferdinand, the ball dropped to Lampard. Van der Sar rushed forward to stop him but slipped at the vital moment, allowing him to level the score before the whistle blows. The equalizer gave Chelsea back hope to fight back with a leveled score for the second-half. As the both team heads to the dressing room, I straight away go to the restroom to relieve my bladder that I've hold for quite a while because I don't want to miss any action of the match. While I was waiting for my turn I've clashed with some Chelsea fans, the atmosphere was very tense where everyone keeps quiet and staring at each other. Being annoyed by the result of the match, I stared and showed my disgust on them.

After some half-time talk in the dressing room the players returned into the field to fight for another 45 minutes. Buoyed by the equalizer, the Blues was fired up and dominating the second-half of the game. It was an very uptight moment for the Red's fans while nervously watching the goalkeeper being bombarded fiercely with a lot of sure goal opportunities with the goalkeeper and back line was completely defeated. But luck was not on their side, all of their attempt on goal whistled wide off the post. The legendary Ryan Giggs entered the pitch replacing Paul Scholes 3 minutes before the end of second-half, thus breaking Sir Bobby Charlton's all-time appearance record in his 759th match for the Reds. I was so relieved as the referee blows the whistle to end the tormenting second half where both team are still leveled.

This force the two teams to prove their supremacy into the extra time .While both teams are exhausted and suffering from minor muscle cramp resulted from the soaked and slippery pitch. Once again Lampard almost net the the winning goal for Chelsea but it was denied by the crossbar. Man United almost sealed the match with a flicked shot from the record-breaking Giggsy but was denied by a header from John Terry.

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The atmosphere in the pitch was getting more intensified as both team are struggling to score the decisive winning goal in the second-half of the extra time. As the time almost reach the end, the players are getting extremely under pressured because this is a final match which matches two European greatest football clubs head-to-head against each other to win the most prestigious football club trophy and be crowned as the Champion of Europe.

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The tension rose and tempers flared, an ugly argument occurs in the Chelsea's half. Cavarlho and Tevez start pushing each others and other players ran quickly ran to the scene and start arguing and shoving each other. The fight became even more tense as Drogba slaps Vidic on the face. The official sent Drogba off the pitch for his action and booked Tevez and Ballack. The Blues was down with 10 men but United failed to use the opportunity to score and the match end with United 1 and Chelsea 1. Before the whistle blows, Sir Alex with his smart tactical intelligence, replacing Brown with Anderson to be lined up in the shoot-out.

As nothing can separate between these two rivals and only the inevitable penalty shoot-out will decide who will be crown as the champion. And the dramatic penalty shoot-out starts with both team successfully scored into their opponent's goal until it was Ronaldo's turn, shattered the dream of the Reds, as his penalty was saved by Cech and gave Chelsea the advantage and hope to win the cup for the first time. I was really frustrated but yet I still believe that United still have the chances to get it even. Praying and hoping that Chelsea will miss their penalty.

Finally it came to most glorious moment for the Blues, the last and most decisive penalty, if it is a goal, they will win the Champion League Cup. The captain John Terry stood up and prepare to bring glory for his team. He runs up to the ball to seal the winning goal but unfortunately he slipped and send the ball to the post and missed. The prayers were answered, the Reds is now back to fulfill their European dream. Me and other Man United fans overjoyed and celebrates while the Chelsea fans was stunned in disbelieve by the miss from the captain itself.

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Then it came to the 7th penalty kick by Chelsea, Anelka was given the task to keep Chelsea alive but his shot was read well by Van der Sar and he saved it superbly, making him the hero of the match. Giving the winning glory to Manchester United and to be crowned as the Champion of all Europe 2008 and for the 3rd time!!! Congratulation!!! What a remarkable clash between two rivals, ending up with Manchester United celebrating while the Blues are in tears. A memorable and wonderful history was made in Moscow.

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Back to the coffee shop, we the Man United fans are also celebrating the glory and it was so ecstatic. Fans were dancing around and shouting "M U" out loud and it was around 5 a.m. that time. What a moment... As the everyone starts to leave the area, cars are honking and people are still shouting to celebrate the win. The traffic flow at Central Park was unbelievably heavy as the fans are heading back home.


The first European Cup won by United was way back in the year 1968. The match was held at Wembly Stadium, England, against the Portuguese Champion, Benfica. United won the match by 4-1 with 3 goals scored after extra time.

The second UEFA Champions League final was between Manchester United against FC Bayern Munich which took place in the Camp Nou in Barcelona. It was the most memorable dramatic win for Man United, trailing behind with one goal behind for most of the match but came back to score two goals in injury time and win the final. This victory was the culmination of United's famous treble winning season.

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