Eli Turning 23

I have been kinda slow with blogging recently, but I can't miss to post an entry for my 23rd birthday.

I didn't throw a party for my birthday this year but unexpectedly kinda celebrating it at my cousin's place on the eve of my birthday with my beloved girlfriend, our friends, Debbie and Nick and of course my cousins, Mathew, Eliezer and Simon.

As the clock struck midnight, I'm now officially 23 years old!!! No cakes to blow, but we have alternative to replace it. Mathew prepared a shot of "flaming Chivas" for me as an alternative with the flame represents the candle and a straw to represent the cake cutting ceremony. After I make my birthday wishes, I got to drink up the "flaming Chivas" using a straw and instead of blowing off the flame I have to finish everything including the flame itself. It feels like burning in my mouth and I don't really like the taste of it. But anyway, thanks guys... I appreciate it a lot!!

Actually, my parents has quietly planned a birthday party for me but not on the exact date of my birthday because my dad went for traveling and won't be around until Friday. So they throw the party on Friday night and invited all our closest family members. It's an "only family members" dinner but I can't miss to invite someone who's important to me, my girlfriend, but unfortunately she can't make it.

Matthew's putting on the candles...

Lighting on the candles and a closer view of my birthday cake. It's just a simple but yet a nice and sweet birthday cake.

Dad's reading some bible verses for me.

Singing along the birthday song...

Family picture, with my parents and brother.

Done with all the birthday ceremony, it's DINNER TIME!!!!

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