MV Doulos - The Floating Bookstore

A chance in a life time that I can't miss to experience and behold the oldest passenger ship, the MV Doulos.

I've heard about the floating bookstore years back when I was a kid but I didn't have the chance to see it. So this is an opportunity that I couldn't pass as the MV Doulos is going to retire in 2010

A bit history about MV Doulos ...

  • She was built back in 1914 and was named the SS Medina.
  • In 1948 she was acquired by a Panamanian company and renamed her the SS Roma.
  • In 1952 she was again resold and this time acquired by an Italian company. They converted her from a steamship to a motor vessel and renamed her the MV Franca C.
  • In 1977, she was acquired by a German charity organization GBA and renamed her the MV Doulos (Greek for servant).
I felt so excited as I arrived the dockyard. I can feel the blood rush in my body, my heart is pumping harder and faster, witnessing the remarkable ship that has sailed across the ocean for 94 years (2 years younger then the Titanic). I just can't get my eyes off the ship, it's so huge!!! This is my first time ever to witness a huge ship like this. Amazing!!!

Hopped out from the car and went straight to the parking attendant for a family picture with the ship behind as the background.

As we walk in, we pass by a row of paintings welcoming the MV Doulos to Kuching. I didn't really take a look on those beautiful paintings because my attention is only on the ship. One thing in my mind is I wanna get on-board as soon as possible and check out the book - The Alchemist.

Time to get on-board. The journey into the ship wasn't easy for those who has fear of heights like me. But that doesn't stop me from climbing up the rocky stairs and I made it.

"Enjoying" the view of Sarawak river from the bow of the ship. Actually there's nothing nice to see though, all you can see are the floating houses across the river and few cargo ships.

Then we proceed to the bookstore. It was so crowded inside. Even the old folks doesn't miss the chance to get on-board. I was wondering how on earth did they climb up the stairs.

In the bookstore, they price-tag the books using "unit" and then convert it to the local currency.
100 UNITS = RM 8.00
200 UNITS = RM 16.00

It was really hot inside and everyone's sweating, a cup of ice cream and lemonade might help you to cool down a bit.

As we're about to go home I saw some of the crews are selling tickets. There's an event going on inside the ship. Luckily that we didn't leave so soon or else I will miss the chance of a lifetime to get into the ship. They only have events like this on Saturdays and I'll be leaving Kuching the following Saturday. Should I pass the chance? NO, gimme the tickets I'm going in!!!

We're a bit late and the show has already started. It's an international cultural show where you were entertained by the crews with cultural dances and musical performances.

Dance from Mexico.

This guy is blessed with the special ability to play guitar and harmonica at the same time. I can't even sing while playing guitar.

Gum Boot dance from South Africa.

While enjoying the shows, I've talked with some of the crews sitting nearby me. They happily shares their experiences during their service on the ship. It blows my mind when I learn that they're working in the ship as volunteer and they even have to support themselves financially on their own. Most of them whom that I talked to are 18 years old, I was really surprise and admire them that at this young age they leave everything behind (families, friends, college opportunities, luxuries) and become a missionary and reaching out people out there and change their lives. RESPECT!!!

After the show's over, I grab this opportunity to take a photo with these two young missionaries, Kaitlyn from the United State and Liesl from South Africa.

The book that I wanted is not available in the ship. So I browsed for other books and got myself these two books that really interest me. 24 Keys That Bring Complete Success and Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success Playbook. Something unique about the books I've bought in Doulos is that they also includes Bible verses in it. It is something rare to have in a normal bookstore.


teena said...

the last time i went was back when i was in form1/2. would love to go again! do you know when/where its docking again?

Elisha said...

I heard the next stop is Brunei. But I dunno when's the date la.

alls said...

AWW....first time..

you should come to KL with yr lovely cousin then :P comes in every (3-5 years) cant remember..and ive been on it since i was a kid!


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