Eli is 24: Looking back and Planning Ahead

Birthdays is an anniversary that signifies that God had blessed and being with us since we're born till today, and now I'm already 24 years old.

Years before, what I normaly do on my birthday was just celebrate and party. I never even bothered to look back and reflect on my past nor planning ahead. After years I realized it was unwise not to reflect what I've did in my past and plan ahead.

Looking back now...
For over the past 12 months, I have learn a lot of life lessons and experiences which are both bitter and sweet. These life lessons and experiences has indeed significantly changed me from someone who I was than the years before.

I can consider it as a critical phase of change in my life.

I could say it was the bitter experiences that has gave me the wake-up call. It wasn't anything easy to swallow but amzingly it has thought me loads of valuable life lessons.

Just few days after my 23rd birthday I was shadowed by depression which was caused by my failed relationship. I hit rockbottom and it was really hard. Guilt, sadness, anger and despair haunts me day and night.

As the day goes by, again "time" has proved itself as a good healer. Wake up, it's time to rise and get back up on my feet again. I realized that I would get worse off if I am not going to change because the world is a constant change and life is going on.

So I began a quest to search for the "cure" of this misery. What I needed next is a road map which can guide me along this journey. No doubt it is the bible that has guided me and my favourite readings are from the book of Proverbs. These ancient poetry thought me wisdom and discipline, and also gave me knowledge and purpose. I would recommend you to read the book of Proverbs weekly or even better daily, and I promise you it will benefit you a lot.

I've also went for a self-improvement seminar. It's a seminar about the development of self which requires me to EXPLORE, DISCOVER, that govern my thoughts, feelings and action, and lastly to CHANGE.

Another amazing thing happened, I've started to stuff my book cabinet with self-improvement books. It wasn't any big collection like what you see in the library because I spent most of my time reading online materials such as blog which are easy to find, locate and of course free. There are millions of self-improvement blogs out there in the space of blogosphere but these are my favourites and recommended reads:
1. Zen Habits
2. HELLO, my name is BLOG
3. LifeDev
4. Michael Hyatt
5. The New Man of Action
6. Motivate Thyself
7. Goodlife Zen
8. Eli Shares

Through these I have learned to look deeper into myself and discovered many faults. Not only in relationship alone but also in other factors such as habit and attitude.

"The GREATEST discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind!" - William James

It's a moment of decision to re-shape myself. Every mistake or problem that I did in the past won't part, but what I can do is to learn from it and find a way to repair and improve. To behave in the same old way over and over, and expecting different result is just crazy.

Self-improvement ain't a 1 day or 1 year journey though, so don't expect things to change just in a click of fingers. You can't conquer Rome in just one day!! Self-improvement is like re-programming yourself through repeated action just like how a footballer practice and harness their scoring and passing skill.

"If you do not by force program yourself positively, by neglect you get programmed negatively." - Napolean Hill

Looking forward and planning ahead...
I could say that I'm lucky to be born around the middle of the year. Why? Compared to those born early and end of the year, I have the opportunity to checkup my yearly goals that I've setted up, in the same time improvise them.

Though you can do the same thing as me, checking up your yearly goals in the middle of the year but for my case, I consider it as special. Just like when you set goal on new year's eve - you're charged up with motivation.

So far, honestly I've just successfuly accomplished one goal only - watching Sarawak FC in action. Last couple of weeks, the result of my 1st semester final exam has been published out and thank God I passed all the papers. Another semester to go and I'm looking forward to pass all the papers and get a better result.

How about the other goals?
Thinking back earlier this year I was on streak of hype full with passion and motivation. I was more organized and focused back then. But as the days goes by, month after month, the fire of passions slowly burned out.

I'm back to square one again. The fact is, it's not hard to get started with all of the goals which I have setted. It's maintaining what I have started is the where I failed. Staying motivated is indeed quite a challenge.

What is my next plan?
As you can see,  everything falls into a circle. Staying in the same circle won't help me to move further on. Just like doing the same thing but expecting different result. Isn't that just insane?

Right now, I need to climb up from the bottom again and get back on track on what I have started. I loose track with my goals because they're out of sight which equals out of mind. I should write them down, not only in my blog post but put them and paper and stick it on the wall. Just like a constant reminder, it will help me to stay focused and motivated.

Staying motivated takes practice, but it is a skill that everyone can learn. Although I could just see some small changes in my life at first, but this is an incentive for me to tackle more and more goals, and the more changes I would see in my life.

If I can change my life, you definately can change yours too. No matter what situation you're having right now, you have the power of choice to change.

The future is in you own hand.


~nuTt*~ said...

You are very passionate aren't you? I'm going to have to puch myself further! :)

Elisha said...

Yes, I am very passionate!! That's why I love to share my goals and visions. Sometimes I got too obsessed that I can't even get into sleep!!

Life is a journey and we learn something from it everyday.

Give me a High-5!!

Tristan | The New Man Of Action said...

Happy Birthday Elisha (albeit a bit late!). I like this post too, as sometimes I experience the burning fire of passion and motivation, but also find that it can slowly burn out and you start thinking about why you started in the first place!

You're doing a great job of recognising this and moving forward positively.

Look forward to reading more :)


Elisha said...

Hello and welcome to Eli Shares! =)

Thanks for the birthday wish. Actually my birthday falls on the 8th of July. I'm kinda late to post this up though.

I discovered that one of the main course that causes your fire of passion and motivation to burn out is PROCRASTINATION.

Procrastination = Stray away

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